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What date did Boscastle Flood?

16th August 2004


What were the causes of the Boscastle floods? (5)

1. The local area was saturated by weeks of rainfall - 15mm of rain fell in 15 minutes at Lesnewth near Boscastle
2. Confluence of 3 rivers in Boscastle increased discharge (Jordan, Valency and Paradise)
3. Steep V shaped valleys increases runoff
4. Impermeable underlying rock reduced infiltration
5. Car parks either side of the Valency increased surface runoff


What were the effects of the Boscastle floods and categorise them in S.E.E.P. (6)

1. 3 metre wall of water destroys infrastructure (homes, offices, bridges) sweeping out to sea - Social, economic, environmental
2. No deaths - social
3. Visitor centre collapsed - Economic
4.Homes devalued and insurance up, £15m in damages and claims - social, economic
5. Silt and debris was left after flood waters subsided - environmental
6. Tourism reduced. This was a serious cost for a small community with seasonal employment problem, over reliant on summer tourism - economic


What were the Short term responses after the Boscastle flood? (7)

- Environment agency issues flood warnings
- Falmouth Coast Guard mobilised
- Lifeboats and motorised dinghies go house to house rescuing people and check cars out to sea
- RAF helicopters from Chivenor saved 150 people
- Fire brigades and police on the scene within an hour
- Temporary accommodation set up on Boscastle football pitch
- Rapid evacuation


What were the long term responses after the Boscastle flood and caterogise them into S.E.E.P.

- North Cornwall District Council banned Boscastle residents from returning to even look at their homes for the first ten days, while structural engineers inspected properties - social
- Insurance and compensation was provided for businesses and homeowners. These 'disruption to trading' claims amounted to £15m. - Economic
- Telephone, water, electricity and gas supplies were all reinstalled within six months - Social
- Within 6 months residents were home, following extensive clear up removal of silt and debris (76 up-ended cars on village green - social, environmental