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Germ theory



Louis Pasteur

- Gerry theory 1860
-linked dirt and disease.
- he didn’t prove it.
- only proved on food.
- disproved the spontaneous generation theory.


Robert kosh.

- proved Louis pastures work, by using TB and rats and linked hoe Bactria caused disease,


Paul Erhlich

- worked on kosh’s work.
- studied blood and immunity.
- invented magic bullets.
- treated people for syphilis.


Joseph listers discoveries

He sprayed carbolic acid into the surgical room to kill all bacteria.
- late 19th Century
- was successful to stop disease spreading however, it was a big irritant.


James Simpson.

- 1847
- used chloroform as a anaesthetic.
- knew how much to give to patients


Public health in 18th century.

- more people went to the city to work in factory’s.
- cramped, dirty, easy to spread disease.
- lots of cholera epidemics, E,G 1832.


1848 public health act passed by government!

- after cholera epidemic.
- towns would set up there own local board of health as long as taxpayers agreed.
- not many people wanted to pay to improve living conditions.
- it was unsuccessful.


Public health act of 1875.

- passed by government to stop some spread of disease.
- Forced the councils to take action.
- cleaning streets, create sewer systems, provide drinking water, provide street lighting, local sanitary inspectors looked after slaughter houses and stopped contaminated products being sold.


John Snow

- mapped out deaths of cholera epidemic in 1849.
- proved it was spread by dirty water not air.
- needed government input to make sure water was clean.
- his theory wasn’t accepted until past 1860 germ theory.


Edwin Chadwick

After snows work he campaigned for the public health act of 1848.