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What was the name of the book published by Vesalius in 1543?

The Fabric of the Human body


Which individual did Vesalius prove wrong?



Which of Galens ideas were proved wrong by Vesalius?

That the lower law was in two parts. That blood passed through the septum.


What was the effect of the work of Vesalius?

He made people question Galen and showed the importance of human dissection


Who did the colour illustrations in the Fabric of the Human Body?

Leonardo Da Vinci


How did Pare help wounds to heal?

He used an ointment of egg yolks, oil of roses and turpentine


What was the effect of Pares ointment?

The soldiers wounds healed cleanly with less pain than if boiling oil was used.


How did Pare stop bleeding?

He used ligatures (silk threads) to tie the blood vessels closed


What method did ligatures replace?

Cauterisation where you use a red hot iron to seal wounds closed.


What was a problem with ligatures?

Pare didn't understand that the silk threads could carry germs into the wounds and cause infection.


What did William Harvey discover?

He showed that blood was pumped around the body by the heart.


Who did Harvey prove wrong?

Galen, he believed that blood was produced in the liver to replace the blood that was burnt by the body as fuel.


How did Harvey prove his discovery?

He dissected live cold blooded animals to observe how their hearts worked as well as dissecting human bodies.


How did William Harvey show that blood could only flow one way?

He tried to pump liquids past the valves in the veins but wasn't able to.