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What powers did king Victor Emmanuel retain despite the Statuto?

Appointed and sacked ministers and controlled the army.


Who was the first prime minister of Piedmont in 1849?

Massimo d'Azeglio


Name two Siccardi Laws.

no separate law courts for clergy, no sanctuary in church for criminals, property restricted, reduction in feast days.


What was a Concordat?

seeking and gaining church approval


The king supported many anti-clerical reforms, but which one pushed him and the centre right too far?

Civil Marriage Law


D'Azeglio's church reforms were unpopular. Who orchestrated his replacement by Rattazzi?

Count Cavour


What was the Connubio?

An alliance between the centre left and right in the Chamber of Deputies


After organising the Connubio and solving the crisis over the Church, what was Cavour appointed?

Prime minister


What reforms did Cavour make to the church in the mid 1850s?

152 monasteries, that could not prove their contributions to charity, were closed


What impact did Cavour's early church reforms have? (one good, one bad)

(+) confiscated church funds, reduced church influence (-) upset the king and right of the Senate, forced Cavour's temporary resignation