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Low Block

Zenkusta uke. Low block. 50-50 push pull. Aim load fire. Blocking arm outside. Hitting pinky side wrist. Fist just past body. Arm slightly bent. 45 degrees. 3 fist away.


Middle block

Ude uke. Middle or chest block. 50-50 push pulll. Same time speed power. Blocking arm outside in front. Blocking Thumb side wrist. Fist shoulder ht. 45 degree angle. 1 fist from body.


Upper block

Age uke. 50-50 push pull (power,time,speed). Blocking arm crosses body in front of chambering arm. Reverse c motion. Hit meaty part arm. Fistover opposite shoulder. 2 fist away. 45 degree angle.


Forefist thrust punch

Seiken zuki kekomi. 50/50 push pull. Done teaching purposes hachi dachi 1. Turn front foot toward opponent. 2. Chamber fist on back hip. 3. Chest, fist, hip points at opponent. 4. As you move back hip/foot past front foot. 5. Twist your hips as you are setting foot down. 6. And punching. Seiken. If punch too late. Will be hammer fist.


Reverse Punch

Guyaki zuki. 1. Reverse Punch. 50/50 push pull. 2. Punching with the arm of the foot that is backward. 3. Closed stance wider shorter. 4. Use back hip to assist thrusting motion.


Lunge Punch

Ouzuki. 1. Lunge Punch 50/50 push pull. 2. Hit or punch with same arm/fist of leg that is forward. 3. Lunge into longer more narrow stance-open stance. 4. Use front hip to lunge and get closer to hip.


Fore fist Punch

1. Seiken Zuki. 2. 50/50 push pull. Same time-speed-power. 3. Turn Punch over at end of Punch. 4. Strike with first 2 knuckles-Seiken. 5. Punch starts at ribs palm up to facing down on impact.
6, punch coming out from body opens your body up to be hit
7, punches coming out and hooking easier to block.
8. Turning fist over end skin ripping.



1. Short Range technique/have to be very close.
2. 3 main areas elbow strike with
1. Point
2. Front
3. Back


Soto Uke

Inside block
1. Only block that when chamber not 50 50 push pull.
2. When throwing block is 50-50 push pull.
3. Crosses from blocking side across body or
4. Step in with block to cross opposite side more easy.


Back wrist

Tighten by splaying fingers
Use on either side of head
Fluid across body back forth like seaweed in water-snapping



Ridge hand-Haito
1. Strike bony part on thumb side
2. Use more like hook
3. Easy to see.


Knife hand block

Shuto uke
When blocking bring blocking hand palm side toward opposite ear
Point hand was blocking down so blocking arm doesn’t get caught on fingers
Blocking arm comes to front body
Wrist is at shoulder height
Blocking shuto out to side.
Arm slightly bent.
Hands turn over at the end with snap