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How long must an individual have hypomanic and depressive symptoms for in order to be diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder.

Two years.


During the two years of cyclothymic symptomology, symptoms are present half the time. How long can an individual go without having symptoms to qualify for this diagnosis?

No more than Two months.


Which bipolar related disorder is defined as chronic, and fluctuating mood disturbances?

Cyclothymic disorder.


True or false. If a person experiences symptoms that qualify for a major depressive or hypomanic episode, cyclothymic disorder remains the diagnosis.



When does cyclothymic disorder typically begin.

Adolescence or early adulthood.


True or false. Cyclothymic disorder has an insidious onset and persistent course.



How does cyclothymic disorder get diagnosed in children?

Symptoms must last a year instead if two.


What is the mean age at onset for child diagnosed cyclothymic disorder?

6.5 years.


When is bipolar specified as with anxious distress?

Feeling keyed up or tense. Feeling unusually restless. Difficulty concentrating because of worry. Fear that something awful may happen. And feeling that one may lose control.


For a manic or hypomanic episode to be specified as with mixed features what must be prominent?

Prominent dysphoria or depressed mood. Diminished interest or pleasure. Psychomotor retardation. Fatigue or loss of energy. Worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt. Reoccurring thoughts of death.


For a depressive episode to be Specified as with mixed features what must be present?

Elevated, expansive mood. Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity. More talkative or pressure to keep talking. Flight of ideas-thoughts are racing. Increase in energy or goal directed activity. Excessive involvement in activities that have high potential for painful consequences. Decreased need for sleep.


When does a bipolar disorder get rapid cycling specifier?

When there are at Least four mood episodes in the previous twelve months.


True or false. Bipolar episodes can happen in an combination or order.



Describe the melancholic specifier for bipolar disorder.

Loss of pleasure. Lack of reactivity to usually pleasurable stimuli. The distinct quality of depressed mood characterized by despair, moroseness or empty mood. Depression that is worse in the morning. Early morning awakening. Psychomotor agitation or retardation. Anorexia or weight loss. Excessive or inappropriate guilt.


What is included I the atypical specifier for bipolar related disorders.

Mood reactivity. Significant weight gain or increase in appetite. Hypersomnia. Leaden paralysis. Inter-personal rejection sensitivity.


What is mood reactivity?

Capacity to be cheered up when presented with positive events.


What is hypersomnia?

Extended periods of nighttime sleep or daytime napping that totals at least 10 hours per day.


What are mood-congruent psychotic features?

Manic themes of grandiosity, and invulnerability.


How long must a season pattern be present to have bipolar diagnosed with a seasonal pattern specifier.

Two years.


True or false. In order to meet the diagnostic criteria for bipolar I disorder one must have a manic episode.