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What is environmental variation

Environmental variation is where something can be changed like your hair colour


What is discontinuous variation

Discontinuous variation is shown by a feature that can vary a lot over a range, eye colour is an example as people can be put in a reasonable amount of groups based on their eye colour


What is continuous variation

Continuous variation is shown by any feature we can put living things into groups, height is an example because it is possible to have living things that are all different heights over a range


What is selective breeding

Selective breeding is were you will breed selectively to take advantage of a living things trait, for example dogs that are fast will mate with each other so then it is likely the puppy is fast so then the fastest puppy will mate with another fast dog and then after a long while you get a really fast dog


Name an advantage of selective breeding

Selective breeding reduces sickness in the species as there will be less variation in the species so there is more immunity because there is stronger genes.


Name a disadvantage if selective breeding

There is sometimes inbread selective breeding were this can lead to more deformities and illness throughout the species


Name a type of genetic variation

Eye colour, nose length, no ear lobe or ear lobe