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How do electric impulses get from one nerve to another

They transfer through through the gap between the nerves which is called the synapse


What is the order of neurone for when your body detects pain

Stimulus-skin detects change-sensory neurone-relay neurone-motor neurone-effector-response


The electric impulse travels down the axon then the dentrites which then diffuses the particles and the receptor catches he particles which stimulates the electric impulse to go down the next neurone

Is this what synoptic transmission is

Yes, but dentrites have the neuro transmitter chemical


Who does caffeine affect the nervous system

It speeds up synaptic transmission so it tells your body to do things quicker


What happens to your eye when you are looking at something near

Your ciliary muscles contract

Your suspensory ligaments loosen

Your lens goes thicker for more refraction


True or false

When you look at something near his happens

Ciliary muscles relax
Suspensory ligaments tighten
Lens goes thinner for less refraction



What happens in the eye when you are short sighted

Light focuses to short of the retina because your eyeball is too long


How is short sightedness corrected

You have a concave lens so light can properly focus on the retina


What happens in the eye when you are long sighted

Light focuses long of the retina because the eyeball is too short


True or false

You need a concave lens to focus light properly on the retina if you are long sighted

False you need a CONVEX lens


When does accomodation in the eye happen

When you need to focus on something near to you or far away


Why are some people colour blind

Because there is a problem which the pigments in the cones of the eye which see colour, colour blindness is usually passed down genetically