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what are four quotes from the poem?

'Patriotic tear'
'cold clockwork'
'yellow hare that rolled like a flame'
'His terror's touchy dynamite'


what does the quote 'patriotic tear' suggest?

that his patriotism has turned to fear and pain, with his heroic ideals being replaced by the painful reality


what does the quote 'cold clockwork' suggest?

it emphasises the soldiers insignificance and his lack of control of the situation. 'cold' implies that the people in charge of the war don't care about each soldiers


what does the quote 'yellow hare that rolled like a flame' suggest?

the simile emphasises the hares frantic movements and hints to what danger the soldiers in.


what does the quote 'His terror's touchy dynamite' suggest?

the soldier seems to have become a weapon rather than a human being and is driven purely by his terror