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What are the eight steps of the cycle of operation?

1. Feeding
2. Chambering
3. Locking
4. Firing
5. Unlocking
6. Extracting
7. Ejecting
8. Cocking


What are the three feeding mechanisms?

1. Magazines
2. Belts
3. Clips


What are the five types of cartridges?

1. Rimmed
2. Semi-rimmed
3. Rimless
4. Belted
5. Rebated


What are the five varieties of firing pins?

1. Free-floating
2. Inertia
3. Percussion
4. Striker
5. Fixed


What are the only three ways firing pins receive their energy?

1. A larger mass strikes them (free-floating)
2. A spring provides their energy
(inertia, percussion, striker)
3. Their own mass provides the energy (fixed)


What are the two types of primers?

Boxer and Berdan


What are the eight types of locking systems?

1. Rotating bolt
2. Rising/lowering bolt
3. Swinging bolt
4. Rising barrel
5. Rotating barrel
6. Rollers
7. Locking block
8. Locking flaps


List the eight operating systems.

1. Bolt action
2. Manual pump
3. Revolving cylinder
4. Blowback
5. Delayed blowback
6. Recoil
7. Recoil with gas assist
8. Gas operation


What are the three types of gas systems?

1. Gas blast
2. Gas tappet
3. Gas direct (direct impingement)


What are the three types of magazines?

1. Box
2. Drum
3. Pan


What are the two types of links for belt-fed weapons?

1. Split link (SL)
2. Fully encased (FE)


What are the two types of link belts?

1. Non-disintegrating
2. Disinterating


What are the two types of clips?

1. En-block
2. Stripper


How do the three leaves of the sear spring function in the 1911?

The left applies constant forward pressure on the sear; the center provides constant upward pressure on the disconnector; the right applies constant rearward pressure on the grip safety.


What is the difference between Boxer and Berdan primers?

Boxer--one large, central flash hole; anvil and flash powder built in.

Berdan--Two smaller flash holes. Only flash powder built in. Anvil part of the cartridge case with two flash holes. Non-reloadable.