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How many Block 30 Gateways connect the AF network (AFIN) to the greater DoD network (DoDIN)?



All traffic going to or from a destination or source external to a given base will go through what device at that base?

SDP Routers


How many SDP Routers are at every base?



What provides a more secure connection between computers on the base and web servers they are accessing?

Proxy servers


Proxy servers give us more granular control over web browsing than a firewall can which is good for security. What's another benefit provided by proxy servers?

It also speeds up web browsing by caching a copy of the web page in memory.


Currently, the Air Force is using McAfee firewalls. However, bases will be migrating to a different firewall over the next couple of years and the 16 AF gateways have already switched over. What are we moving to?

Palo Alto


What provides an added layer of security for the internal base network?



What provides network separation via VLANs and further traffic filtering via ACLs?

Internal Router


(T/F) SIPRNet does NOT have any bluecoat proxies.



(T/F) Traffic going from base to base goes through the Block 30 gateways.



What are the JIE Enterprise Core Services?

- Defense Enterprise E-mail
- Defense Enterprise Portal Services
- Defense Connect Online
- Unified Capabilities
- Enterprise Cloud Broker
- Cloud Computing Services
- Enterprise Directory Service/ID & Access Management
- Defense Enterprise Mobility


What service will provide three benefits users will notice including a 4GB mailbox, access to Global Calendaring, and a comprehensive DOD Global Address List (GAL).

Defense Enterprise E-Mail
(It also reduces unnecessary redundancy which saves $$)


What service provides a scalable, cloud-based collaboration capability that enables mission partners to share information through independently managed community and mission-focused sites?

Defense Enterprise Portal


What service includes a broad set of voice, video, and data-sharing capabilities such as instant messaging, chat, enterprise voice-over-IP (VoIP), global video servers, IP video, and web conferencing that promise to enable unprecedented joint collaboration among the military services, combatant commands and defense agencies?

Unified Capabilities


What service will allow organizations throughout the DoD to realize cloud-based capabilities more efficiently and effectively due to the scale of enterprise contracts and consolidation of DoD cloud infrastructure?

Enterprise Cloud Broker

(Purchasing cloud services: Local=expensive, AF=cheaper with some buying power, DISA=cheap by buying in bulk with long-term contracts)


What service provides cost savings due to the consolidation of datacenters across the DoD?

Cloud Computing


What service includes a suite that provides authoritative DoD enterprise identity and contact attributes for Combatant Commands, Services, and Agencies. It is composed of DoD Enterprise White Pages, Global Directory Service (GDS), and Identity Synchronization Service.

Enterprise Directory Service Identity and Access Management (IdAM)

(Being able to authenticate from one branch to another)


What service will leverage mobile solutions to provide mission-essential tools to our warfighters? Its focus is on designing the governance processes and implementing an integrated Mobile Device Manager (MDM), Mobile Application Store (MAS), mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN), and other mobile capabilities.

Defense Enterprise Mobility