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management of a slipped gastric band?

immediately remove saline from the band and take pt to OR for removal (can strangulate the herniated stomach)


where is a gastric band placed?

proximal stomach, oriented medial to lateral in an inferior to superior position


what is a highly selective vagotomy?

removes only the innervation to the lesser curvature of the stomach and preserves the innervation to the pylorus (does not require a drainage procedure, low risk of dumping syndrome)


what is a truncal vagotomy?

severs both vagi as they course along the esophagus near the diaphragmatic hiatus, thus pylorus loses innervation so you need a drainage procedure and higher risk of dumping syndrome


where do the vagi nerves sit for truncal vagotomy?

LARP: left anterior, right posterior


what is the #1 MCC dysphagia following fundoplication?

Postop edema


what are the percentages of average Excess BW loss for:
1. gastric band
2. sleeve

1. 50% (slower, pks at 2yrs)
2. 60% (faster pks 1.5yrs)
3. 75% (faster, pks 1.5yrs)


what is afferent loop syndrome and what are the risk factors for it? (technical) tx?

obstruction of the afferent limb (kinking, stricture, internal herniation) in B2 anastomoses
- risks: long afferent limb (30-40cm), antecolic anastomosis
- tx: convert to B1 or RNYGB, enteroenterostomy


MOA Orlistat

inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipases for weight loss, decreases absorption of FFA