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what is the common symbol used during baptism?

water symbolising new birth


what are the three basic forms of baptism?

-the sprinkling of water on the head, which is called aspersion

-the submersion of the entire body in water, which is called immersion

-affusion, which involves water being poured over the head


In what denominations is immersion common?

baptists and pentecostals


is baptism by an ordinary believer acceptable?

yes, especially in extreme circumstances such as where death may be imminent


which three christian beliefs springs forth from baptism?

-death and resurrection of jesus
-the holy trinity


how is the belief of the death and resurrection shown in baptism?

water representing the death of the old sinful self and rebirth into a new life as an adherent of Jesus Christ. essentially it represents death and burial.

emerging from the water represents the new life that has sprung as a result of the believer becoming a christian


how do catholics view baptism?

they view it as an essential sacrament. they identify the act as a process used by god as a means to communicate grace and to distinguish between the protesetant variants who do not see it necessary in order to reciece God's grace and be saved


what symbols are present during a catholic baptism?

-consecrated perfume oil
-white garment worn to symbolise purity and he chilrd being reborn in christ
-candle is lit to signify that the child has been enlightened by Christ who is the light of the world