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What is the life expectancy in Bangladesh?

63.3 years


What is the population of Bangladesh?

144.2 million (2005)


What are the 3 main problems in Bangladesh?

Widespread indebtedness of poor farmers
Social problems
Position of women


In 1970s, what was the emphasis in Bangladesh's development placed on?

Market inventions to try and reduce the costs of food


In 1980s, what was the emphasis in Bangladesh's development placed on?

Agriculture development


In 1990s, what was the emphasis in Bangladesh's development place on?

Development of small scale infrastructure


21st century investment has been based on 4 factors...

Healthcare- has lower child mortality, higher access to drinking water and sanitation and higher contraception use. National health has focused on provision of affordable rural health care
Agricultural development- high yielding variety seeds have spread to 65% of rice cropped areas and irrigation facilities are available to over 40% of the cultivated area
Micro-finance projects- total number of borrowers is about 5 million and 90% are women. The Garmeen Bank is the largest.


What does agriculture in rural areas need to develop?

Aid from governments, foreign governments and NGOs