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Bid security may be in the form of

And amount

Bid bond

Certified check

Cashiers check

*5% bid amount


Purpose of bid security is

Cover the cost between difference of low bid and the next lowest bid, if the bidder fails to enter into an agreement


Performance bond

Surety will complete construction should contractor default

* usually mandatory on public work


Labor and material payment bond

Protects owner from liens by guaranteeing payment


Architect reviews submittals for

Conformance with information given and design intent

not responsible for accuracy of measurements , completeness of details , quantity, or fabrication or installation procedure


Minor change

No change in sum or time

consistent with contract documents


If the architect volunteers suggestions or directions concerning construction means and techniques in regard to safety issues

The architect may also assume legal responsibility


Unlike a trial, arbitration decisions can not be



The arbitrator is knowledgeable in

The construction industry


Contractor must submit to the architect and notarized application for payment ___ days before the date established for each payment in the owner contractor agreement

10 days


The amount due to the contractor at each periodic payment is based on

The schedule of values of the contractor submits to the architect after the award of the contract, allocating the total sum to specific portions of the work.


Before the final certificate for payment can be issued, the contractor must submit to the architect The following

- and affidavit that all debts have been paid

- certificate of insurance remaining will not be canceled or expire without at least 30 days written notice to the owner

- written statement that no reason insurance not renewable

- consent of surety to final payment

- releases and waivers of liens


Who issues the certificate of substantial completion

The architect


At completion contractor must submit to the owner following items

- all warranties, instructions, certificates of inspection, and bonds

- A set of record drawings if required by the owner contractor agreement

- certificate of occupancy as issued by the building department

- extra materials per specification


Who issues certificate of occupancy

Building department


Architect services may terminate when

Final certificate for payment is issued