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Additional items that may be included in the Supplementary Conditions are

- Permission for the architect to furnish the contractor with instruments of service in electronic form

- Additional information and services provided by the owner

- Cost for the architect to review the contractors request for submissions

- Provisions for the owner, instead of the contractor, to pay for utilities

- Requirement that the contractor employ a superintendent to coordinate mechanical and electrical work

- Provisions for fast-track scheduling

- Reimbursement by the contractor for extra site visits by the architect, made necessary by the fault of the contractor

- Additional protection for the owner against claims for additional time or for consequential damages

- Requirements for more detailed information on costs and overhead

- Additional requirements for payment procedures

- Requirements for liquidated damages and bonuses

- Additional requirements for bonding and insurance


Supplementary conditions of the contract

Modify the general conditions to accommodate different clients, governmental regulations, and local laws


Special conditions

Are a separate section to describe conditions that are unique to a particular project or site.


For most public agencies what type of bidding is mandatory

Open bidding

* advertising for bids is usually required


Two ways to notify perspective bidders

1, newspapers and trade journals

2, invitation to bid



Written or graphic document issued by the architect

prior to the execution of the contract


When addenda is issued it is sent to

All registered bidders not later than 4 days before receipt of bids


Pre-bid conference

Meeting with A/O and bidders

* answers to significant questions should be formalized in an addendum


Bids received after the opening time should not be excepted unless

None of the bids have been opened and there are no objections from those bidders present


Architect reviews bids and a decision is awarded within usually

10 days


If a bidder discovers a mathematical error has been made

They can usually withdraw the bid


If all bids exceed project budget and the owner architect agreement fixes a limit on construction the owner has four choices:

1. to rebid

2. To authorize an increase in the construction cost and proceed

3. to work with the architect in revising the scope of the project to reduce cost

4. to abandon the project


Bidding documents and construction documents are

Not the same thing


Bidding documents usually include

The advertisement or invitation to bid

Instructions to bidders

Supplementary instructions to bidders

Bid forms

Bid security information

Performance bond, if required

Labor and material payment bond, if required


Bidding documents are not part of

Contract documents


Instructions to Bidders:

- Bidders representations
- bidding documents
- interpretation or correction bidding documents
- substitutions
- addenda
- bidding procedures
- modification or withdrawal of bid
- consideration of bids
- post bid information
- performance bond and payment bond


If bidders require more information they must contact the architect in writing this many days prior to the bid date

Seven days


Bidders representation:

Materials have been understood

Bid is based on bid documents without exception


Bidding documents:

Where documents may be obtained

How many sets

Amount deposit


Deposit for bid documents is returned if documents are returned within

10 days after bids


Interpretation or correction of bidding documents:

report any errors, inconsistencies, or ambiguities discovered.

if clarification is needed, written request seven days prior to bid date



Must submit request for approval at least 10 days prior to bid date

Proof of merit of substitution by contractor


Addenda must be issued no later then

4 days prior to bid date


Bidding procedures:

How bid forms are to be filled in

What bid security is needed

Procedure for submitting the bid


Modification or with drawl of bid

As long as before designated big time


Owner has the right to reject bids

For any reason


Post bid information

Contractors qualification statement

Names of manufacturers

Names of subs


If the successful bidder requests owner must show

Reasonable evidence that financial arrangements have been made


A standard bid form is used to

Make it easier to compare and evaluate bids


Bids are written in both

Numbers and words

* words trump numbers