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The portion of radiant energy that is reflected as it falls on a surface.



The squares formed by parallels and meridians, spaced 24 miles apart are called....



A _______ prevents excessive storm water runoff on a site from overloading the storm sewer by temporarily holding the water and releasing it at s controlled rate.

Retention pond


A ________ is designed to allow sediment to settle while water drains into the ground.



An ________ is designed to retain storm water until it can seep into the ground.

Infiltration basin


Recommended maximum slope for parking lot



Setback distances are determined by a city's

Zoning code


The maximum allowable area of a building is limited by a combination of

Floor area ratio and construction type


Which of the following sustainable strategies best manages stormwater runoff? (choose three)

A. bioswales
B. catch basins
C. cisterns
D. infiltration basins
E. pervious paving
F. box culverts

A. bioswales
D. infiltration basins
E. pervious paving


The architect can minimize the heat island effect of impervious site paving by selecting a material with

A. low albedo
B. high albedo
C. low conductivity
D. high conductivity

B. high albedo


An architect is planning an infill building in an urban setting. To maintain the continuity of the public space enclosure definied by the other buildings, the architect should be most sensitive to the

A. building height
B. recess line
C. setback
D. transition line

B. recess line


To determine the regulations that pertain to a planned development around a wetlands area, which of the following should the architect investigate? (choose 3)

A. local government rules
B. local building codes
C. state governmental rules
D. U.S. army corps of engineers regulations
E. development covenants
F. zoning ordinances

A. local government rules
C. state government rules
D. U.S. army corps of engineers regulations


According to ADA-ABA accessibility guideline, what is the maximum slope for a curb cut?

A. 1:6
B. 1:8
C. 1:10
D. 1:12

D. 1:12


On the fally equinox in the northern hemisphere, the sun

A. is at its northernmost position
B. is at its southernmost position
C. rises at its earliest time and sets at its latest
D. rises and sets over the equator

D. rises and sets over the equator


An architect is planning a development project near a major river. If the owner requires that there be no risk of flooding in the development, the architect needs to determine the

A. local flood plain regulations
B. NFIP standards
C. probable maximum flood (PMF)
D. standard projected flood (SPF)

C. probable maximum flood (PMF)


The maximum permissible cross slope for a sidewalk as defined by ADA-ABA accessibility guidelines is

A. 0.5%
B. 1%
C. 2%
D. 4%

C. 2%


The slope of a masonry or stone retaining wall is called the

A. batter
B. crib angle
C. rake
D. repose

A. batter


What type of electronic security system would best protect the exterior of an office building?

A. audio alarms
B. motion sensors
C. thermal detectors
D. video surveillance

D. Video surveillance


What is the minimum recommended width of a planting strip used to plan trees?

6-7 ft


What is the minimum width of an accessible van parking space?