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What causes the Align light to flash?

No Position Entered
Wrong Position Entered
Aircraft Movement



When does the amber "ON DC" light illuminate?

When IRS is set to NAV it is normal for these to light for 5 seconds as a self test. Any other time means the IRS has lost normal AC Power


When does the amber "FAULT" light illuminate?

IRS has experienced a Fault


What does the "FAULT" light and the "Align" light at the same time indicate?

On the ground it means the aircraft position is not correct


When does the amber "DC FAIL" light illuminate?

DC Power to the IRS has failed. This commonly illuminates if the switched Hot Bat Bus is not powered or the battery is drained and close to dead


What are the two EEC modes?

Hard Alternate-Manually Selected
Soft Alternate-Auto Selected as result of a Fail


What do you lose with the EEC Alternate mode?

Engine limit protection is not the same


When does the amber "ENGINE CONTROL" light illuminate?

Illuminates on the ground only. There is an engine control flight. THIS IS A NO GO ITEM


When does the amber "REVERSER" light illuminate?

If illuminated after landing after 12 seconds has elapsed the master caution has illuminated due to a reverser fault


What is the psi for a full O2 bottle?

1850 psi


What does the amber "PASS OXY ON" light tell us?

Passenger oxygen masks have deployed


When does the Flight Recorder "OFF" light illuminate?

It is normal during preflight. It will extinguish during engine start since it is an oil pressure switch


Can you test the MACH WARNING and STALL WARNING inflight?



Why on first flight of the day do we use the Right Ignitor?

The right igniter is powered by the AC Standby Bus. If the engine starts successfully that means the AC Standby Bus and the INVERTER are working properly.