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When any person recognizes a potential evacuation condition, they shall notify ____ immediately.

the IC


The IC shall make the decision to evacuate, then announce ____, and have dispatch sound the alert tone and state ____. This shall be repeated twice.

* Emergency Traffic
* All personnel evacuate the building or area immediately.


When the order to evacuate is given, all available and appropriately equipped units in the immediate vicinity will sound their air horns ____

intermittently (one second on, one second off) for thirty seconds


Company officers shall report their status and that of their personnel to _____ as soon as possible.

their Division/ Group Officer


Command shall notify dispatch when ____

all personnel have been accounted for.


To avoid creating anxiety amongst on scene personnel, if personnel are missing, ____

no report will be announced over the radio as to personnel status until the incident commander is prepared to fully address the issue. Whenever possible, all communications shall be done face to face.

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