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The primary strategies of a defensive operation should focus on ____

personnel safety and incident stabilization.


During defensive operation special consideration should be given to ____

keeping personnel out of collapse zones this should be accomplished by a clearly established safety perimeter.


Announcement of a switch to defensive mode will be communicated as ____

Emergency Traffic


During a switch to defensive mode, defensive operations can begin once ____

all personnel are out fo the building/ collapse zone, and a PAR is completed.


After firefighter safety is ensured, the first priority in a defensive operation is ____

to protect exposures.


The secondary priority of a defensive operation is ____

controlling the main body of fire


The completion of bringing the fire under control is reported utilizing a radio report of ____

Fire Knocked Down. This means the forward progress of the fire is stopped and the remaining fire can be extinguished with on scene resources; it does not mean the fire is completely out.

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