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If a known life hazard is found and immediate action could prevent the loss of life, appropriate action (rescue activity) may be taken by ____

the individual firefighter. The only time an individual can enter an IDLH environment alone


When two engine companies arrive at the same time, but out or response sequence, they shall

be guided by the zone engine company and operate in accordance with that companies direction.


Unless otherwise directed, if the first due engine has arrived, the second due engine company will determine ____

the best option of a forward of reverse hydrant lay and stage at the nearest uncommitted position, awaiting confirmation of a needed continuous water supply.


If it is determined that a forward lay is indicated, the staging point should be ____

at the closest working fire hydrant


If a reverse lay is indicated, the staging point will be ____

at the address of the working incident.


Deployment of supply line will depend upon ____

the first due engine companies request for water supply, or at the direction of the IC.


In instances where the closest continuous water supply exceeds 1000 feet, ____

consideration for a reverse lay must be given.


When responding to multiple alarms, engine companies should ____

anticipate long hose stretches, the need to supply large caliber streams and provide relief for first alarm engine companies.


The officer will decide where to position the apparatus once the fire location has been determined. This decision must be based on several factors, such as ____

* overall objectives
* water source
* type of fire
* how close to the fire building the apparatus will be
* the type of stretch to be made
* if the apparatus will block out or be blocked out by other incoming units


For positioning purposes, when an engine and ladder are responding together, the ____ shall precede the ____.

* engine
* ladder


The officer of the first engine company should strive to enter the ____ ahead of the first ladder company from the ____ direction.

* block
* same


SLICERS stands for ____

* Size up
* Locate the fire
* Identify the flow path
* Cool the space from the safest location
* Extinguish the fire
* Rescue
* Salvage


Initial radio bench marks for size up

* Announce arrival
* Building/ area description
* Problem description
* Initial Action Plan
* Declaration of strategy
* Assumption and naming of command
* Resource determination


While performing the 360, identify and control flow paths by ____

closing doors and windows to limit air flow


Radio benchmarks for Cooling the space from the safest location.

* Fire has been reset
* Communicate method of continued operations.


Radio benchmarks for the fire extinguishing process

* Water on the fire
* Fire under control/ Fire out


Considerations for rescue should be made ____

at all times


Firefighters should use ____ to control fire spread and smoke whenever possible.



All ventilation must be ____

coordinated with suppression activities


The objectives of firefighting are ____

to protect life and property by performing rescues and by locating, confining and extinguishing fires.



The general plan or course of action decided upon by the IC



The operations or actions required to carry out the strategy selected by the IC


The majority of fire operations employ an ____

offensive strategy


A _____ strategy may be employed initially at large or expanding fire operations where protection of exposures of containment of the fire is critical.

defensive strategy


The transitional attack is accomplished by ____

placing a straight stream of water into a heavily involved fire compartment from the exterior of the structure at a high angle of 65-80 degrees for approximately 15 seconds to achieve a quick knockdown. This must be followed by rapid entry into that fire compartment via the interior to complete fire attack and extinguishment.


Selection and implementation of any strategic plan and its supporting tactics is dependent upon ____

an accurate and ongoing size up of the fire situation.


Size up starts with ____ and continues until ____.

* the receipt of the alarm
* the fire is under control


In instances where the size of a building or access is blocked precluding the 360, the completion of the 360 must ____

be assigned to later arriving units by command.


A life hazard, visible upon arrival, must be addressed. Immediate rescue attempts by the first arriving engine company without simultaneously stretching and positioning a hose line should only be attempted ____

in extreme situations.


Actions that the officer of the first arriving engine company can implement to protect endangered occupants include:

* Position a hose line between the fire and the endangered occupants
* Ventilate to draw fire, heat and smoke away from the endangered occupants
* Give verbal instructions and assurances to the occupants
* Close doors to limit the spread of smoke
* Ensure that incoming units are informed of the location of endangered occupants.

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