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Search and Rescue can not be conducted until personnel complete ____.

an adequate search and rescue size up


Search and Rescue size up includes at a minimum ____

* risk benefit analysis
* occupancy/ building information
* Scene observations


Components of a risk benefit analysis:

* Identify any uncertainties that could cause failure of the operation
* Analyze which fire ground risks will impact the operation
* Prioritize these risks so they can be neutralized and/ or mitigated prior to them having any major impact


Occupancy/Building information

* time of day/ day of week
* Known and/or suspected victim location
* Number of occupants


Scene Observations

* Presence or absence of cars in the driveway
* Front and rear door locations
* Bedroom window location (since most windows that are not immediately adjacent to the front door are bedrooms, identifying these areas helps determine the search teams initial search pattern)
* Presence of window/door security bars
* Roof vent locations (possible location of plumbing in older homes)
* Window size/shape (indicates possible room type)
* Fire location
* Smoke conditions


Questions personnel should answer prior to making entry for search and rescue operations.

* Building Characteristics
* Fire Factors
* Risk to Building Occupants
* Firefighting Capabilities


Search and Rescue operations are designed to:

* Locate and remove all trapped occupants
* Ventilate where needed
* Temporarily prevent fire extension by closing doors and windows
* Check for interior/ exterior fire extension
* Help locate the seat of the fire


What are the three types of searches conducted within involved structures?

primary, secondary, final


Primary searches

a quick attempt to locate potential victims during fire attack operations. They should be centralized in those areas where potential victims will most likely be found and be as thorough as possible.


Secondary searches

conducted after the fire has been brought under control and are more thorough and time consuming because every area of the building must be completely checked.


Final searches

conducted after the fire is extinguished, and are a complete and systematic search of the entire building and areas around the building where victims could be found .


What are the 7 specific responsibilities of the primary search team?

* Determine probable victim location by reading the building
* Carry the proper tools for the operation (radio, forcible entry tools, 6' hook, water extinguisher, TIC, hand lights, search rope, webbing, and door chocks)
* Locate and remove trapped victims (look, listen, and feel)
* Confine fire and prevent extension by closing all doors; advise location of fire and call for charged lines as needed
* Search all priority areas (check for victims around doors, inside closets and bathrooms, under and/or behind furniture.
* Ventilate each room (vent for life vs vent for fire)
* Indicate/mark all searched rooms


Searches should be patterned in a deliberate, logical fashion. In general, what does this entail?

Those areas that are most severely threatened are searched first followed by areas where the largest numbers of potential victims may be located, the fire area, and any/all remaining exposed building areas.


Search teams must constantly monitor their surrounding for:

* structural instability
* dark black pushing smoke
* floor integrity within search path
* overhead high heat or flame spread


What tools should a search team carry with them?

* 1 portable radio per person
* 6' hook
* set of irons
* water extinguisher


Area's of rooms already searched should be ____ prior to continuing the search to the next room.

marked with chalk to indicate the search has been done, and the doors should be closed to prevent further fire spread.


Ventilation may improve ____. As a result search teams may ventilate individual rooms as long as ____

* visibility and enable the search to be conducted in a quick efficient manner
* such actions do not adversely affect fire conditions. (close doors to control flow paths)


Primary search should be conducted using ____

Oriented Person Search Method


Oriented Person Search Method

A search pattern where teams use a sweep pattern to extend their search off of a wall of hallway so that interior spaces can be quickly checked for possible victims. This pattern involves the search team leader remaining oriented to one place in the structure (hallway, doorway, hose line, search rope) while other team members utilize traditional wall search patterns within their assigned search areas.


Search and rescue teams should report when the ____ is complete and the time noted by dispatch.

primary search

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