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A SCBA should be worn and ready for use by all personnel operating in a situation where ____

* the atmosphere is not contaminated or oxygen deficient but the possibility exists that such a condition could develop.


SCBA use is required by all personnel in the following situations:

* In a structure with a known contaminated atmosphere
* At outdoor events that are known to produce toxic smoke (vehicle fires, dumpster fires, Haz Mat)
* Oxygen deficient atmospheres
* Area that may be subject to explosion or sudden contamination
* On the roof or any floor of a working structure fire
* In any atmosphere where monitoring has shown the CO level to exceed 30ppm
* Any situation where contaminated or oxygen deficient atmosphere is suspected (overhaul, confined space, etc.)


It is the responsibility of each ____ to ensure SCBA's are utilized.

company officer


____ will conduct a thorough investigation of any smoke inhalation or respiratory injury sustained by firefighters.

The Fire Marshal's Office


The goal in determining the air consumption rate is ____

for personnel to exit an IDLH atmosphere without consuming emergency air.


Emergency air

the air available when the low air alarm activates


All personnel shall assure the safe handling of SCBA. The ____ shall be carried in its holder when not in use to prevent ____. ____ of an SCBA is a violation of policy.

* regulator
* debris, and water from entering and impeding its operation.
* misuse


An SCBA is assigned to an individual user for ____, the inspection shall be performed by ____ at ____.

* a duty period
* the individual
* the beginning of each duty period.


Each SCBA not assigned to an individual or in service will be inspected ____



Face pieces must be inspected as follows:

* Check for cracks, gouges, etc.
* Inspect the head harness for damage
* Check the seal


The correct sequence to tighten spider straps are:

chin, temple, and top


Cylinders should be checked for:

* hydrostatic test date
* Visual inspection for damage of the cylinder and valve assembly
(gouges 1/8" deep and 1" long must be taken out of service)
* ensure cylinder is filled to more than 4000 psi
* ensure cylinder is firmly locked into position
* ensure the first stage regulator is attached to the cylinder and firmly tight.


Backpack harness should be checked for:

* worn or aging rubber parts, frayed straps, or other damage
* visually inspect all high and low pressure hoses
* Ensure all straps are fully opened


PASS device and HUD should be checked for:

* PASS device and vibralert activation
* Check for 4 lights in the HUD
* Ensure the PASS device battery is not flashing
* Ensure PASS device goes into pre alarm mode, reset it, then allow it to activate


Regulator should be checked for

* Ensure the breathing action is working properly
* Ensure the purge valve is operating properly
* Ensure the low air alarm activates when the air is purged from the cylinder.
* Check for physical damage


SCBA masks should be cleaned with ____

warm soapy water, and rinsed thoroughly with fresh water. Mask must be allowed to drip dry


SCBA masks should be disinfected with ____

2 tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water. Allow the mask to soak for 2-3 minutes, then drip dry.


After cleaning the mask, how can you ensure the exhalation valve works properly?

exercise the valve by holding it firmly against your face an exhale several times.

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