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Incipient Stage Fire

A fire that is in the initial or beginning state and that can be controlled or extinguished by portable fire extinguishers, class 2 standpipes or small hose systems


Standby team

The crew available for rescue prior to assignment of a dedicated RIT, consisting of at least two personnel fully equipped with appropriate protective clothing, SCBA, and specialized rescue equipment that might be needed for the specific operation underway. This team may be engaged in secondary activities as described.


Interior structural firefighting operations will not begin until two firefighters are available outside the IDLH atmosphere to ____

monitor the safety of the interior team and, if necessary, effect rescue.


Interior team firefighters shall wear full PPE with SCBA, and ____ at all times. Interior teams will remain in teams of at least ____ when in an IDLH atmosphere.

* remain in visual or voice (not radio) contact with one another
* 2 firefighters


The first interior team must announce on the radio ____ and ____, unless making an exception to the rule as outlined within these guidelines.

* when they enter the structure
* that an outside/ exterior team has been established


Outside/ exterior team firefighters shall remain outside the IDLH atmosphere and maintain ____.

* visual, voice or radio contact with the interior teams


Anytime firefighters are engaging in interior structural firefighting (no matter the number of firefighters or apparatus on-scene) and a RIT has not yet been established, ____ .

one of the outside/exterior team members must monitor the safety of the interior teams; this shall be these firefighters sole responsibility


Command will ensure that all firefighters operating with an IDLH atmosphere are wearing full PPE and are using SCBA. Command will further ensure that interior teams are ____

in radio contact with Command and RIT


____ will ensure that an outside/exterior team is present anytime members are engaging in interior structural firefighting, if a RIT has not yet been established.



If an event occurs that endangers the interior firefighters, attempt to contact the interior crews and ____

follow the Mayday, and RIT SOP's.


Exceptions to the two in/ two out rule:

1. For life rescue given the following two criteria
- information that an immediate risk to a salvageable victim in a tenable portion of the building
- realistic expectations of performing the rescue
2. A fire is in its incipient stage
3. Immediate action may prevent the loss of life or serious injury


It is not always necessary to make an exception to the rule when there is imminent threat to human life. Officers should strive to ____

comply with the rule and still provide the best effort to save lives.


If an officer decides to make an exception to the rule, the reason for the exception and the actions needed to prevent death or injury should be ____. In addition, Officers should ____ so other responding units are aware of the situation.

* communicated to the firefighters on scene
* announce the exception on the tac channel


When exceptions to the rule are made, it must be understood that ____

operations in the IDLH atmosphere without an exterior team are to be temporary in nature.

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