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Firefighters should not delay ____ should they become lost, disoriented, trapped or in need of assistance.

reporting distress


Guidelines for not becoming lost:

1. Carry a hand light, even in the daytime
2. Carry a tool that is appropriate for the assigned task
3. Have a portable radio, and be aware of the proper channel prior to making entry.
4. Freelancing is strictly prohibited, Maintain company integrity and the minimum entry team is two persons
5. maintain contact with a hoseline or search rope when advancing into the interior of a structure.
6. When not on the fireground routinely practice manipulating portable radios and PASS alarms while wearing gloves


Guidelines to follow if lost, disoriented, or trapped:

1. Do not delay in calling MAYDAY
2. If MAYDAY is unsuccessful activate the radio Emergency ID button
3. If the radio is not operable Activate the PASS alarm
4. Continue to search for and exit utilizing any means available.
5. Locate an exterior wall and avoid becoming stranded in an open area. Searches are usually lead along the perimeters of structures
6. Attempt to find an remain in an area of refuge if a way out is not found
7. Remain calm and control breathing to conserve air
8. Employ air conservation techniques.
9. Once the SCBA air is depleted, the hood can be used as a limited filter
10. If all other options are exhausted and air supply is depleted, take a horizontal position on the floor that maximizes the PASS devices volume.
11. While in this horizontal position, place a hand light pointing up, in order to enhance the possibility of rescuers seeing the light beam. If rescuers position is known point the light at them, and attempt to make tapping noises to help guide them.


When relaying information during a Mayday situation be as clear as possible and the following information:

* Personal identification
* How many firefighters are lost or trapped
* Last known location
* Current remaining air supply


While waiting for rescuers a downed firefighters PASS device should be cleared and radio communication established every ____, unless ____.

* 30 seconds
* the firefighter feels they may become incapacitated, then the PASS device should be activated and not reset.

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