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Personnel assigned to ____ and ____ received many hours of specialized RIT training and were supplied with the most advanced RIT equipment. These teams shall be assigned, if available, when a RIT is indicted or requested.

Hazardous Materials Team and Technical Rescue Team


____ shall be responsible for identifying the need for a rapid intervention team.

Incident Commander


Establishment of the RIT shall be at every incident in which ____

firefighters enter a hazardous area that could be IDLH


Examples of when a RIT shall be established:

* Offensive interior fire operations
* Hazardous materials incident
* Trench rescue operations
* Large frame aircraft fire operations
* Boat and shipboard fire operations
* Any other incident posing a significant risk to firefighters
* At the discretion of the IC or BC


Whenever a MAYDAY or EMERGENCY TRAFFIC is transmitted, ____

all communications on the frequency are to cease.


During MAYDAY or EMERGENCY TRAFFIC only transmissions between the ____ are allowed.

member initiating the communication, the Incident Commander or designee, and FireCom


It will be the responsibility of ____ to take the fire ground operation to a different monitored frequency and keep the RIT operation on the original frequency.

Incident Commander


When a MAYDAY is declared, the Incident Commander will ____ and ____.

* acknowledge it
* determine the most appropriate course of action to affect a rescue.


MAYDAY should only be used under the following conditions during working fires:

* Collapse of a roof or floor
* Firefighter is lost or trapped
* Flashover has occurred
* Discovery of another downed firefighter
* Separated from crew and low on air
* Tangled, pinned or stuck with a low pressure alarm.
* Tangled, pinned or stuck and unable to self-extricate within 60 seconds.
* Change in fire conditions that causes an inability to make immediate access to a known egress
* Low air alarm activates and there is no exit within 60 seconds or firefighter is not on a hose line of 200 feet or less


MAYDAY should only be used under the following conditions during Confined Space/ TRT Ops:

* Recognized change in mental or physical state (dizziness, headache, nausea, numbness/tingling)
* Suspected change in the mental or physical status of another firefighter operating in the IDLH
* Any situation requiring the use of an escape bottle or buddy breathing
* Discovery of another downed firefighter
* Collapse causing any blockage of the egress
* Collapse in the confined space with or without trapping firefighters
* Firefighter judgement


MAYDAY should only be used under the following conditions during Haz Mat Ops:

* Recognized change in mental or physical state (dizziness, headache, nausea, numbness/tingling)
* Suspected change in the mental or physical status of another firefighter operating in the IDLH
* Collapse of any confined space with or without trapping
* Drastic change in the nature or speed of a hazardous material release while firefighters are operating in the IDLH
* Any change or collapse that impedes the ability of firefighters to make a quick egress
* firefighter judgement


MAYDAY transmissions are an indication of

a life threatening situation that has developed.


The EMERGENCY TRAFFIC transmission is used to indicate ____

that a serious injury has occurred that is not immediately life threatening, or to inform members on the fire ground of a serious change in conditions.


Examples of when EMERGENCY TRAFFIC should be used:

* A member suffers an injury that is not immediately life threatening but requires medical attention and possibly hospital care
* An interior attack is to be discontinued and an exterior attack instituted.
* Discovery of a structural problem indicating the danger of collapse
* Fire is discovered entering an exposure to a degree that any delay may considerably enlarge the fire problem
* Flashover or back draft conditions are apparent and or imminent
* Loss of water which would endanger members


Under no circumstances shall the term Emergency Traffic be used in place of ____.

* Mayday


Upon securing the incident reference to the Emergency Traffic, FireCom shall ____

notify all units by initiating an emergency alert tone followed by "All units may resume normal radio traffic.


____ need to be aware and ensure the RIT assignment is filled.

Battalion Chiefs


If additional information is provided at the time of initial dispatch (multiple calls, fire/smoke conditions etc) the Battalion Chief shall ____

request a RIT assignment while responding


When a company has been designated as RIT they shall assume the radio designation of ____. the terms ____, ____ etc, shall be used as this will provide distinction when multiple teams are assembled.

* RIT-1
* RIT-2, RIT-3


The primary task of RIT is to respond to firefighters in distress. Distress generally falls into what 3 categories?

* Trapped
* Disoriented
* Low air or out of air


The RIT shall assemble in full gear and breathing apparatus to a location ____

away from the hazard area as designated by the IC.


The following equipment shall be assembled by the RIT, if available.

* RIT bag
* Forcible entry tools
* Cutting tools
* Rope bags
* Lighting equipment
* Stokes basket
* Thermal imaging camera


The initial RIT (I-RIT) will also be taking measures to "safe" the building in the event of a MAYDAY and shall include but is not limited to:

* RIT Officer shall perform a 360 to identify means of entry and egress, construction features, and potential hazards.
* Reviewing pre-fire plans of the building, if available
* Identify means of egress on upper floors and request/ perform placement of ground/ ladders at those locations and aerial devices on multi-story occupancies.
* Removing of bars on doors and windows that may be needed for egress
* Force entry of other doors and possible means of egress.
* Illuminate points of egress


RIT members will stay together and maintain ____

the integrity of the unit in a strategic location.


To transmit a MAYDAY, a unit or crew member reporting an emergency will announce ____ followed by MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, all units stand by for MAYDAY traffic.

their unit identifier


After a MAYDAY has been transmitted, FireCom will then receive all emergency information from ____ and ____.

* IC
* repeat the information for all monitoring units one time


Firefighters calling a MAYDAY should include the following specific information:

* Location
* Unit number
* Name(s) of crew members
* Assignment
* Resources needed


When a MAYDAY is transmitted, the IC will initiate the following sequence of events to initiate the rescue operation.

1. Deploy the RIT
2. FireCom will automatically dispatch another alarm
3. The IC will confirm that additional alarm assignment was automatically dispatched
4. TRT must be automatically dispatched. If TRT is already assigned and/or committed to the incident, another TRT team shall be dispatched
5. A PAR must be taken
6. The IC should consider a second channel
7. Another Chief Officer other than the IC shall be assigned to the RIT operation
8. A second RIT must be assembled
9. The primary response rescue unit should be assigned only to the treatment of the firefighter involved in the intervention. An additional rescue unit shall be dispatched for assignment as REHAB/MEDICAL.


Anytime a MAYDAY is transmitted, firefighting positions must ____ and the Company and Division/Group officers must control ____

* not be abandoned
* free-lancing


The RIT crew give a ____ report to the IC upon locating the firefighter in distress.


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