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On scene notification shall include ____

a radio transmission that a PASS device has been activated.


The radio transmission shall be directed to the ____

the affected Division or group officer, if known, or directly to Incident Command.


When contacted, the Division supervisor shall ____

immediately notify command


Command shall activate ____ and attempt to contact ____ for verbal confirmation of a downed emergency worker.

* emergency radio traffic procedures
* the Division/ Group Officer


If incident conditions permit, the Division/ Group Officer shall try to ____

physically locate the audible alarm and determine which unit or person is lost, trapped, or disoriented.


____ shall call for a PAR

The Incident Commander


After ____ failed verbal or radio attempts to contact the firefighter with the activated PASS device or a member of the company that can account for the activation, the Division/ Group Officer shall ____

* 2
* contact Command to activate Rapid Intervention Team operations to locate and extricate the downed worker.


The Incident Commander shall notify the ____ and determine the appropriate course of action. It may be necessary to cease firefighting operations or enhance the probability of survival by continuing operations. The IC will notify ____ of the intended actions.

* dispatch center
* Firecom

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