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Accountability involves a personal commitment to ____

work within the safety system at an incident.


____ will always maintain an accurate tracking and awareness of crews assigned to them.

Division/ Group officers


Crews arriving on the scene should ____

remain intact for all incidents and purposes.


A minimum crew size is considered ____ members and ____ is required.

* 2
* a radio


A ____ or other higher ranking individual must supervise all crews entering a hazard zone.



If a radio fails while in the hazard zone, the crew will ____ unless ____. Continuing operations with a crew member radio failure will be best managed with ____.

* exit
* another working radio is with the crew.
* the crew member without a functioning radio working in close contact and within hearing distance of a crew member with a functioning radio until all crew member exit the hazard zone.


The Accountability officer may be:

* Driver/ Engineer
* Division/ Group officer
* or designated accountability officer


PAR should be conducted ____ within the company, with the group, or Division Officer whenever possible.

face to face


The Incident Commander should employ a PAR in the following situations.

* Report of missing or trapped firefighter
* Change from offensive to defensive
* Sudden hazardous event at the incident
* At 30 minute intervals
* At report of fire under control
* When all crews report "all clear"


Rules to follow for the accountability system to function:

* PASSPORT's never enter the hazard zone
* PASSPORT's must be maintained at the command vehicle during large/complex incidents
* PASSPORT's must reflect only personnel presently in the hazard zone.


Implementation of the PASSPORT system will occur at any incident that requires ____

use of the SCBA


What is the objective of the PASSPORT system?

to have PASSPORT's at the command post and that are kept accurate, reflecting those members entering the hazard zone


For single company incidents, the PASSPORT will ____. ____ will assume accountability responsibilities.

* remain on the apparatus dash
* The Driver/ Engineer


On multi company operations where SCBA is used, PASSPORTS will be delivered to the ____.

Command post or Accountability Officer prior to entering the hazard zone


Exception is made for ____, regarding delivering PASSPORTS to the command post on multi company incidents. In those instances ____ will assign the duty of acquiring the PASSPORT's from those units.

* first due units actively engaged in initial fireground or hazard mitigation operations.
* The Accountability Officer


An ____ will be assumed lost or trapped in the hazard zone until otherwise determined safe.

absent member of a crew


Company Officers must immediately report ____ the the Division/ Group Officer or Incident Commander.

any absent member


For any reports of a missing firefighter the Incident Commander shall ____

request the next greater alarm assignment


In the event of a lost or missing firefighter, after requesting the next greater alarm, the incident commander must do ____

an immediate roll call of all companies assigned in the hazard zone.


Searches for lost/missing firefighters will begin ____

in the last reported working area of the lost firefighter


Command is responsible for ____. Command will react to all barriers that influence incident accountability and will ensure ____.

* personnel accountability as a major element of strategy and tactics.
* that all companies entering a hazard zone have radios and are supervised be a Company Officer or higher ranking officer.


Command will make every effort to keep crews ____, however, if companies are split, Command will ensure ____

* intact
* continued accountability


Division/ Group Officers will maintain ____ of assigned companies. This requires ____

* accurate tracking
* the Division/ Group Officer to be in the assigned location to monitor the companies assigned to the Division/Group


Company Officers will ensure the PASSPORT ____

unit reflects the names of the personnel currently assigned to the company


The Company Officer will keep members assigned to the hazard zone ____. When entering the hazard zone, the Company Officer will ____. The Company Officer will ____ anytime a radio failure occurs.

* intact at all times
* turn over the PASSPORT unit to Command or the Accountability Group Officer and retrieve it upon leaving the scene
* exit the hazard zone with an intact crew


If a situation occurs that the entire crew is not assigned to the hazard zone, an individual must leave the hazard zone, or an individual is reassigned (I.e. the driver is at the apparatus pumping), the PASSPORT will reflect this by ____

turning the individuals name upside down to indicate that the person is not in the hazard zone.


All personnel will ____ at the beginning of the shift. Only when ____ will the individuals name be turned upside down.

* place their individual passports right side up on the passport unit
* on scene and it is determined that the individual will not be entering the hazard zone

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