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T/F Amazon parrots, macaws, and conures are OLD world parrots.



Of the following parrots, in general, which are considered to have the best talking ability: a. amazons b. conures c. cockatoos d. lovebirds

a. amazons


Which statement about canaries and finches is not true: a. they are soft-billed, seed eating birds b. they are small psittacine birds c. they are small passerine birds d. they are very susceptible of stress from handling

b. they are small psittacine birds


When restraining a bird, pressure should not be pressed on the keel because: a. the bird may have difficulty breathing b. the bird may escape from the trainer c. acute hemorrhage may occur d. all of the above

d. all of the above


The very best material for construction of cages for psittacines is?

stainless steal


The chonanal slit is a V shaped opening on the roof of the mouth that communicates with both the oral cavity and nasal/sinuses. The mucosa lining the margins of this opening should form papillae that are sharply pointed/blunt and smooth.

sharply pointed


T/F Avian body condition is assessed using palpation of the pectoral mass in conjunction with body weight



_____ is the correct name of the species of small psittacine bird that is commonly referred to as the parakeet.



Psittacine birds, especially cockatoos and amazon parrots, become the most aggressive when?

during the breeding season


The medial metatarsal vein is a good venipuncture site in birds because: a. reduced mobility of this site decreases the risk of hematoma formation b. ability to bandage this site decreases the risk of hematoma formation c. ability to bandage this site allows immediate release of the patient d. a and b e. a, b, c

e. a, b, c


A cockatiel presents fluffed, has a "tail bob" and its breathing with its beak open. These signs indicate that the cockatiel: a. is critically ill and may need to be placed in a warm (80-90 F) environment +/- oxygen before handling b. just stressed from riding in the car and can still be properly restrained for a PE c. is hyperventilating and should be placed in a paper bag to calm down

a. is critically ill and may need to be placed in a warm (80-90 F) environment +/- oxygen before handling


T/F Restraint of a medium sized bird can be accomplished by approaching from behind the bird, grasping the head and neck in one towel-covered hand with the fingers under the mandible and around the neck controlling the feet and wings with the other hand.



Toxicity with polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) occurs when birds are exposed to gases formed from?

over-heated/burned non-stick coating on pots


Which feathers are trimmed when clipping wings of pet birds?



Blood feathers are

growing feathers


The most common cause of illness in pet birds is?

poor nutrition


T/F When parrots are eating formulated diets, dietary supplements are not necessary.



High fat diets can lead to ______ in parrots: a. liver and kidney disease b. skin and feather disorders c. reproductive problems d. all of the above

d. all of the above


Decontamination of a bird after exposure to cleaning products include: a. lavaging with water then orally administering charcoal to dilute and absorb the product b. bathing the patient with mild soap and thoroughly rinsing after dermal exposure c. flushing the patient's eyes with sterile saline for 5-10 mins after ocular exposure d. both b and c e. all of the above

d. both b and c


Which of the following statements about ferrets are true: a. it is illegal to have a ferret as a pet in some states b. ferrets are used for hunting in some countries c. ferrets are used extensively in biomedical research d. both a and c e. all of the above

e. all of the above


Ferrets with flea infestation may be treated with

small amounts of products labeled as safe to treat fleas in kittens


Gastrointestinal ulcers are uncommon in ferrets and can be caused by

infection with Helicobacter mustellae and administering NSAIDS


The most common cause of splenomegaly in ferrets is

marked congestion and extramedullary hematopoiesis of unknown cause


In the Postexposure management section of Part I of the 2011 Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control, it states that the ferret (and dogs and cats) that have been exposed to a rabid animal should be: a. euthanized immediately or placed under strict isolation for 6 months if unvaccinated b. kept under the owner's control and observed for 45 days if currently vaccinated c. vaccinated for rabies immediately d. all of the above e. a and b

d. all of the above


The clinical signs associated with insulinoma in ferrets are caused by



Ferrets with insulinoma also have

adrenal disease and/or cutaneous mast cell tumor


Why should blood glucose levels be analyzed as soon as possible after blood collection?

to avoid false decreased in GLU due to contact with RBCs


"Living or growing in its natural state and not normally domesticated or cultivated"



T/F The recommended treatment protocol for CDV infection in ferrets involves supportive care including fluids, antibiotics, supplemental heat and nutritional support.



What components make up bird droppings?

urine, urates, feces