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Define 'Sponsorship'

- Where performers receive help from sponsors in the form of money to pay for training, free training access or equipment


Who tends to get higher levels of sponsorship?

- Professinals as they have a higher profile than amateurs so then more people know about them
- This makes them better for advertising a sponsor's products or services as they will be seen a lot


How is Funding provided?

- Through an application process to transform the places where people play sport


Define 'Iconic Facilities'

- These tend to be really big multi sport facilities, the idea being improving these sorts of facilities could very significantly increase the number of participants


Define 'Inspired Facilities'

- This funding makes it easier for local community and volunteer groups to improve and refurbish their sports clubs or turn non sporting venues into modern sporting venues.
- Help is given planning these


How are playing fields protected?

- In the past, schools have sold playing field land in order to raise money; the aim of this funding is to help schools keep their playing fields and improve them as well