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When the FMC(VNAV) controls the speed, what does the IAS/MACH window display?

IAS/MACH window is blank


In addition to the MCP heading window, where else is selected heading displayed?

SEL HDG is displayed on the mini map


What is the effect of:
-First push of A/P disengage switch?
-Second push?

First push will:
-disengage the autopilot
-illuminate the master warning lights
-display EICAS warning AUTOPILOT DISC
-sound an aural warning
-in case of automatic disconnect, reset master warning lights, EICAS warning msg and aural warning

Second push will reset:
-master warning lights
-EICAS warning msg
-aural warning


List the methods for disconnecting the A/T

Pushing either A/T disconnect switch
Positioning the A/T ARM switch to OFF


When does HOLD mode engage during takeoff?

At 80 knots


To which AFDS mode does the bank limit selector apply?

Heading select or Track select


Can the IAS/MACH window display a speed when VNAV is engaged?

Yes, by pressing the IAS/MACH selector


When are FLARE and ROLLOUT engaged?

FLARE at 47' RA
ROLLOUT at touchdown with weight on wheels


Until what point does ROLLOUT mode provide guidance?

Autopilot disengaged


How can APP mode be disengaged before LOC or G/S capture?

By pressing APP again


How can APP mode be disengaged with LOC captured and G/S armed?

By selecting HDG/TRK SEL or HDG/TRK HOLD


How can APP mode be disengaged with G/S captured and LOC armed?

By selecting any other pitch mode except VNAV


How can APP mode be disengaged with LOC and G/S captured?

By selecting TO/GA or by disengaging autopilot and turning both flight director switches OFF.


In VNAV, which altitude will the AFDS capture during climb or descent; the on selected in the MCP ALT window or the FMC target altitude?

Whichever altitude is reached first, i.e. the most limiting.


If armed, at what height will VNAV engage during takeoff?



During a VNAV climb, the aircraft levels off at an intermediate altitude which has been selected on the MCP. What will be the FMA pitch mode annunciation?



What is the maximum localizer intercept angle?

120 degrees


What does a green box around an FMA mode mean?

Mode is engaged/activated. Shown for 10sec.


What do the F/D bars command at:
-Takeoff prior to 80kts

-Initial pitch up of 8 degrees
-Pitch attitude to maintain target speed V2+15 or airspeed on rotation +15.


How are F/D pitch commands during takeoff affected by an engine failure?

Pitch command will be for target speed of V2 or speed at lift-off, whichever is greater.


What is the range of the V/S selector?

-8000 to +6000


How is a cruise climb initiated?

Select new altitude on MCP, then press altitude selector to update cruise altitude in FMC cruise page.


When is the ALIGN maneuver commenced?

500' RA


What heading does the AFDS command when the following modes are engaged?
Heading select
Heading hold

Heading select - The selected heading in the MCP window
Heading hold - Present heading


What indication does Altitude Alert provide:
- Approaching the selected altitude
- Deviation from the selected altitude

Approaching: -At 900' prior a white highlighted box displayed around current and selected altitude.
Deviating: -At 200' away an amber box displayed around the current altitude and EICAS "ALTITUDE ALERT" displayed.


When is altitude alerting inhibited?

Glideslope captured or
Landing flaps selected and Ldg gear down and locked


What is the difference between THR and THR REF autothrottle modes?

THR - A/T commands thrust as required by the pitch mode
THR REF - A/T sets the reference thrust displayed on EICAS