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What is a Directive communication?

-5 main types of directive are issued
-Instruction, reviewed every 4 yrs
- Manuals- contain 25 or more pg, are reviewed annually.
- Messages
- Notice
- Four main originators of directives
a. Commandant
b. area, district cars
c. CDRs of maintenance and logistics
d. OICs/ Co's


Break down M1000.6a

M = Manual
1000 = Standard subject identification code
in this case 1000 means Military personal
6a = sixth directive to use this SSIC, and the A means rewritten or revised.
A means its the second, B means third revision


How is DTG written?

In Zulu = 301117Z Apr 19
- insures no two messages have the same DTG


Flash, immediate, priority, routine

F = 10 min
I = 30 min
P = 3 hrs
R = 6 hrs


two types of messages?

1. classified
Top secret
2. un classified =
ALCOAST = all cg members
ALCGOFF = officers
ALCGENL = enlisted
ALCGCIV = civilians


how many subject lines to a message?



Coast guard employees two types of training ?

- non resident- self paced, complete when done, may or may not have a completion date.
- resident - done in a classroom, shedule is set and graduation date.


what form must you send to request a training school?

- Short term training request
- CG 5223
- Known as a ETR electron training request form


Counseling a member must take place no longer than?

- 21 days following the members period ending date.


CWO board convenes and all eligibility must be complete by?

Jan 1st
- 1 yr sea duty as an E6


Officer Candidate school is a major source of newly commissioned officers?

- 17 weeks of training
- Commander convenes boards at least semiannually
- 21 and 26 yrs old


Pre commissioning program requirements?

- 21-36 yrs old
- gpa of 2.5 -4.0


Coast guard academy ?

- 17 -22 yrs of age
- un married w no dependents


what are the suicide acronym?

A- ask
C- Care
E- Escort
Key resources:
National suicide prevention hotline:
1-800-273- Talk


What are the Seven leading self competencies?

1. Accountability and Responsibility
2. Followership
3. Self awareness and learning
4. aligning values
5. health and well being
6. personal conduct
7. technical proficiency


What are the Seven Leading others Competencies?

1. Effective Communication
2. influence others
3. respect for others and diversity mngt.
4. team building
5. take care of people
6. Mentoring
7. Customer Focus


What is Diversity?

It's all the characteristics, experience, and differences of each individual.
Physical difference as in skin color and gender or culture, skills, education, personality, or upbringing.


Why does the CG care about Diversity?

A diverse workforce provides a variety of perspective and talents that will enhance the workplace.


Is managing diversity the same thing as Equal employment opportunity and Affirmative action?

- All EEO basically says is that we are all guaranteed an opportunity when we seek employment.
- AA states that positive steps need to be taken because of past discrimitation to level out the playing field.


Diversity Management has three levels of involvement?

Personal - what is my role
interpersonal - how do I interact with others
organizational - how do I support my organization


Four leadership categories?

Leading self
Leading others
Leading the CG
Leading performance and change
Which all equal out to 28 comps.


What is Leading Performance and Change comps?

1. Technology Management
2. Management and process improvement
3. Decision making and profile solving
4. Conflict Management
5. Creativity and Innovation
6. Vision development and Implementation


What is leading the Coast Guard Comps?

1. Technology Management
2. Financial Management
3. Human Resource Management
4. Partnering
5. External Awareness
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Political Savvy
8. Stewardship
9. Strategic Thinking


How many Commandants workplace policies are their?

1. Sexual Harassment prevention
2. Interpersonal relationship
3. Hazing Policy
4. Equal Opportunity Policy
5. Diversity


Unacceptable romantic relationships?

- Member to supervisor
- members are assigned to a unit less than 60 people
- members are on the same cutter
- Relationship with an E 7,8,9 and junior enlisted E4 and below


Prohibited Relationships?

- intimate behavior aboard any vessel or ashore unit
- Romantic relationships outside marriage between commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.
- relationships between instructors, students at training centers.


All units with 50 or more full time billets shall have an?

Human Relations council


Reserve duty status has three components?

- Ready reserve
- Standby reserve
- Retired reserve


Selected reserve participate in both inactive duty and AD annual training?

Selective reserve:
- 48 paid inactive duty training drills
- 12 paid active duty training days per yr


Individual ready reserve?

- have served in active forces or in selected reserve
- not required to meet same IDT and ADT as selected reservist.
- voluntarily