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Leader of Greeks at Thermopylae

King Leonidas of Sparta


Describe the Battle of Marathon

1. It was a trap for the Persians. The Persians outnumbered Greeks 30:1 so the Greeks attacked the Persian camp at Marathon when most Persians were away. The Persians paniced and ran. The Greeks won big time. This marked the end of the First Persian invasion.


Who stayed to help Leonidas in last battle of Thermopylae?

1000 Thesbians stayed to help Leonidas and his army of 300 Spartans.


Describe the fate of Athens after Thermopylae

Athens was evacuated and burned down by Persians. Thermistocles formed a fleet of ships with the men of Athens that trapped and destroyed the Persian ships. Athens was eventually rebuilt to become the main city of Greece.


What is the outcome of 2nd Persian War?

The Greeks attacked the Persians on their own soil. The Persians lost 3 major cities.


Which leader destroyed the Persian empire?

Alexander the Great


Greek democracy 500 BC

Built upon stability of their gov't.


Who was allowed to vote?

Free men > 20 yrs with military training


Direct democracy

When people vote directly on an issue



an elected official who served as chief of state


The 10% allowed to vote:

Vote in every election
Serve on juries
Be in military