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initial coin offering

when a cryptocurrency is launched


algorithmic governance

algorithm contains rules for interaction with the network and the use of the bitcoin. if someone does not stick to these rules, the algorithm will not recognise these actions and the used is automatically denied access


hard fork

split of the network --> every time someone want to change the algorithm, all users can determine which rules they want to follow. These splits cause systems like the bitcoin to become unstable


permissioned blockchains

systems with rules about who can take part in the system where participants sign a network constitution--> data remains decentralised, power does not!


The Great Decoupling

while the productivity grows faster and faster, the opportunities and income of the ordinary worker become smaller and smaller --> occurs everywhere and is driven by technological progress


people outperform machines in

1. top creativity
2. emotions and interpersonal relations
3. mobility


radical decentralization

decentralised power and data