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Investigation of electrical fire
"normal investigation steps"

- info gathering
- scene exam
- debris exam
- product exam
- analysis and testing
- opinion formulating
- reporting data and opinions


First questions in relation to suspected electrical fire

- was the power to the building live?
- was the power to the area of the building where the fire started live?
- electrical continuity to the suspected electrical heat source


Electrical indicators at a fire scene

- flexible leads are very vulnerable and are easily damaged
- where possible, locate the plug, top connectors. Try to maintain integrity of the lead
- note whether and where conduit or ductwork has been used. Check conduits for arc melts
- locate and plot in-line connections
- locate and plot all power outlets, light fixtures, light sockets
- check all connections for tightness
- locate and plot all appliances - if possible ID by make, name, serial number