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Initial Action steps

1- remember that there may be a secondary device anywhere at the scene or nearby. Do not handle or interfere with anything unfamiliar
2- do not use cell phones, portable radios, or transmitting devices
3- evacuate the scene to a distance of at least 100m. Ensure ppl leaving scene bring personal possessions with them - limits number of items to be cleared. consider using detector dog to locate the device.
4- if IED is located, immediately obtain the assistance of an IED operator from the Dept of Labour. If none, consider Defence Force expert.
5- give SITREPS to comms


Exam scene steps

1- once safe, conduct scene exam. Use video and photographs
2- remember to continually reconstruct
3- request attendance of suitably experienced ESR analyst. Ask them to bring suitable material for swabbing scene/hands and examining clothes and suspects


Explosions - what to look for

Characteristic damage includes:
- cratering
- spread of debris
- shredding of materials
- a smell peculiar to the exploded material
- an overly of dust
- shrapnel marks