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Why is sprinting a gross skill type?

It requires large muscle involvement and powerful, explosive movement


What is social inhibition?

A negative effect on performance due to the presence of an audience which makes the performer nervous and as a result increases arousal which hinders performance quality


Why is the performer not in the autonomous stage of learning?

They show inadequate technique and some competency so rely on external feedback to make improvement rather than internal aesthetic feedback


How can technology in sport be applied?

2016 - Rio Olympics 10,000fps
1996 - Atlanta Olympics 1,000fps
Reaction time and analysis


When can Newton's third law be applied?

Law of reaction
Coming out of the blocks
Force against the track


Analyse the elbow movement

Agonist - Bicep brachii
Antagonist - Tricep brachii
Stabiliser - Latissimus dorsi


Apply the inverted U theory

When somatic and cognitive arousal is too high performance decreases, in sprinting the graph should be shifted to the right as this requires greater arousal to produce explosive movement
Lacking movement fluidity and co-ordination


Apply lever systems

Knee is a type three lever system which means during extension and flexion, the effort is centre in the system between the fulcrum and load. As a result, the mechanical advantage is that it can move at a greater velocity over a greater range of motion whereas a type two lever such as the ankle which move a great mass over a short range of motion and with little effort but at a slower pace.


Apply linear and angular motion

Linear motion overall because the centre of mass is moving is a straight path of direction
Knee travelling in angular motion moved it has a curved line of motion


Apply the anaerobic energy system

Build up of lactic acid because there is no oxygen so pyruvic acid is not reacted with oxygen to be recycled in the Kreb's cycle and so it is broken down by lactatedehydrogenase which forms lactic acid as a result muscle fatigue and muscle soreness by denaturing enzymes causing OBLA


Analyse the shoulder movement

Ball and socket joint moving in flexion and extension controlled by the concentric contractions of the anterior and posterior deltoid


Describe type 2b muscle fibres

Known as fast glycolytic muscle fibres work anaerobically and contain phosphocreatine to produce large amounts of force


Describe muscular endurance

The ability to sustain repeated muscular contractions over a period of time withstanding fatigue


Describe maximal strength

The ability to produce a maximal amount of force in one or a series of of rapid muscular contractions


Describe a pre-industrial link

Frock race


Describe the role of the media in terms of a historic link

Less media coverage and always inferior to football e.g. FA formed in 1863


When was the Olympics first held and who formed it?

1896 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin


Describe the role of schools, clubs and unis

S - Wide range of extra-curricular activities and courses for the academics of sport, some receive coaches from NGBs
C - Guidance, coaching and NGB involvement for sporting pathways
U - Scholarships funded by the government for talented sportsmen and women, some host EIS