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PA Cantor on King Lear

"Lear's gains in wisdom come at the expense of his initial grandeur and hence his ability to rule"


Bradley and Muir on King Lear

"With the promise of Edgar's rule, there is hope for the future"


LC Knights on King Lear

"Lear's final discovery is of his need for Cordelia's love"


Leonard Tennenhouse on King Lear

"King Lear shows us the dangers of not following the old ways of the patriarchal order"


Kathleen McLuskie on King Lear

"It is an anti-feminine play."
"Audience accepts the identification of human nature and male power."


George Orwell on King Lear

"The Fool represents wordly common sense"

"It is too drawn-out and has too many characters and sub-plots"


John Dollimore on King Lear

"King Lear is about power, property and inheritance"