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Who were the Mayans? Where? What was special about them?

group of people that lived in Central America; used glyphs to write; made sacrifices to the gods


Who were the Aztecs? Where? What was special?

A civilization that lived in Central Mexica; made a very accurate calendar; sacrificed humans to the gods


Who were the Incans? Where? What was special about them?

They were a group of people living in the mountains of South America; they made intricate roads and had huge stone temples


What was Thenochtitlan?

The Aztec capital that is now Mexico City; center of urban life and trading


Define Yucatan

the Yucatan Peninsula was where the Mayan empire was located


What is Machu Piccu?

One of the grandest Incan cities; in the mountains of South America; vast roads and giant temples


Define Capitalism

private ownership, the use of investment in money to make a profit


Define Mercentalism

the belief that a nation's power is determined by its wealth


What was Triangular Trade?

The trade routes between the Americas, Europe, and parts of Africa


What was the Columbian Exchange?

the global transfer of plants, animals, and diseases during the colonization of the Americas


Who was Peter the Great?

monarch of Russia whose goal was to westernize Russia; didn't care about important issues like disease or slavery


Who was Louis XIV?

monarch of France; created the Palace of Versailles; cancelled the edict of Nauntes; executed many people because of their religion


Define the idea of Divine Right

the idea that the monarch was chosen by God; allowed monarchs to ignore there people to only answer to God; pretty much just do whatever they want; similar to the Mandate of Heaven


Define Skepticism

the idea that nothing can ever be known for certain


What is Westernization?

an adoption of social, political, and/or economical institutions from western countries (mostly Europe or America)


What is a Constitutional monarchy?

a government system where laws limit the monarchy


How did the Thirty Years War effect Europe politically?

It started the idea that a catholic empire would rule most of Europe and that Europe was made up of independent states


How did the War of Spanish Succession effect Europe politically?

it started to prevent the union of Spanish and French thrones


How did the Seven Years Wars effect Europe?

it put France and Europe through a lot of turmoil


Explain the basis of England's government during this time?

Europe started out as an absolute monatch. Then Parliament set laws to limit the government, thus making it a constitutional monarch


What was the Glorious Revolution?

King James II was overthrown and taken over


What were the affects from the Glorious Revolution on England's government?

England became a constitutional monarchy