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where did most of the chinese people live and why.

Since ancient times, most of the Chinese people have lived near the Huang He and Yangtze Rivers located in east central China. Their fertile valleys and flood plains enabled the growth of large empires and states. Huang is translated “Yellow.” The Huang He River is called the Huang (Yellow) River because it washes yellow soil, rich in minerals, down from the Loess Plateau. The banks appear yellow because of these deposits.


what are some ways the the chinese people showed their love for yellow.

Recognizing the importance of the yellow soil to the survival of the Chinese people, rulers from the earliest of times adopted the color as their own. Robes, palaces, and royal tombs were decorated yellow. The emperor himself was known as Huang-ti, the “Yellow Emperor.”


what protected china from invasion

Surrounding China’s center are mountains, deserts, and the Pacific Ocean. These natural barriers have influenced China’s history by providing protection from invasion and preserving a culture.


why is the chinese culture so unique

Though the Chinese have traded with other people and civilizations, outside influences have been very limited. In many ways, the Chinese civilization developed without influence. Its many unique characteristics are a direct result.


what were the first communities of china

Archeological evidence has led historians to believe that the first communities existed along the Huang He.


what are some of the artifacts of the first communities of china.

Artifacts of these people include pottery, stone tools, and even silk. The pottery was fired in a furnace and painted with multi-colored geometric shapes. The people knew how to keep silkworms and use their cocoons to spin silk.


who are the Xia

The Xia are believed to be the descendants of the Huang He people. No known contemporary records exist of the Xia dynasty. Much of what is known about it has been passed down in oral traditions and myths.


what was the beginning of the Xia dynasty

One such legend places the beginning of the Xia dynasty c. 2500 BC after a terrible flood washed away all the farms and villages along the Huang He.


what was the shang dynasty

The Shang Dynasty is the second dynasty mentioned in the oral traditions. However, its existence has been confirmed by thousands of artifacts. The most valuable of the artifacts have been the oracle bones.


what was the use of oracle bones to the shang dynasty

Oracle bones were used by the kings and priests of the Shang Dynasty to know God’s will for specific future events. From the inscriptions on the oracle bones, historians have been able to determine many things about the culture, politics, economy, religion, and medical practices of the Shang Dynasty.


ware were some of the artifacts of the shang dynasty found

Thousands of the oracle bones have been found at the ruins of Yin. Many of these have been found in royal tombs. One of the most important of these tombs is that of Queen Fu Hao. Inside, thousands of artifacts made of bronze, jade, stone, bone, and ceramic were found in nearly perfect condition. The queen was buried with servants and animals. Thousands of cowry shells were also found in the tomb. (Cowry shells have been used as money by Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, and tribal African peoples, as well.)