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What is proprioception?

perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body.


A brachial plexus block is used to provide anesthesia

distal to the elbow


A Bier’s block can provide analgesia

proximal to the elbow if a tourniquet is placed proximal to the elbow


What pain scoring systems are available for horses?
Obel Laminitis Pain Scale
AAEP lameness grade definition Incorrect
Horse Grimace Scale

All of the above


Of the following listed blocks, which is not a dental nerve block?
Mandibular nerve block
Mental nerve block Incorrect
Infraorbital nerve block
Retrobulbar nerve block

Retrobulbar nerve block


What is a retrobulbar nerve block?

A retrobulbar block is a regional anesthetic nerve block in the retrobulbar space, the area located behind the globe of the eye. Injection of local anesthetic into this space constitutes the retrobulbar block.


Where does the mental nerve block provide anesthesia?

The mental nerve block provides anesthesia only to the lower lip and soft tissue of the chin.


An antagonist drug binds with a receptor but

but has no effect at that receptor


TECA procedure

total ear canal ablation


What type of nerve fiber is responsible for a diffuse, burning type of pain accompanying tissue damage and inflammation?

C fibers


What nerve fibers are responsible for conducting harmless signals that provide information such as touch, pressure, vibration, and movement?

A-beta fibers


Chronic pain is often divided into what two categories?

Nocioceptive and neuropathic