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Wherein he practitioner lacking in knowledge and skill in selecting interventions looks for anything that seems to work, often making little attempt to determine whether the therapeutic procedures are indeed effective.


Psychotherapy integration

is best characterised by attempts to look beyond and across he confines of a singe school approaches to se what can be learned from other perspectives and how clients can benefit from a variety of ways of conducting therapy.


Technical integration

Aims at selecting the best treatment techniques for the individual and the presenting problem. Using techniques from different schools without necessarily ascribing to their theoretical positions that spawned them.


Theoretical integration

A conceptual and theoretical creation beyond mere blending of techniques. Synthesises the best aspects of 2 or more approaches under the assumption that the outcome will be richer than under one approach alone.


Assimilative integration

Is grounded in a particular school of psychotherapy, along with an openness to selectively incorporating practices from other approaches.


Common factors approach

Searches for common elements across different theoretical systems. Has received the most empirical support. The therapeutic relationship is the strongest common factor.