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Who wrote AIC

J.B. Priestley


When was AIC first performed?

August 1945 in the Soviet Union


When was AIC set?

April 1912
Spring represents a fresh start
Before the titanic sinking to make mr b look foolish


What is the titanic sinking used as a metaphor for?

British empire (arrogant, stopped trying to be the best, evident class divide, greed, going from Britain to America (like power))


What is AIC?

A political diatribe


What does Priestley believe in and what party and event was he involved in?

A socialist who was involved in the formation of the Labour Party and the formation of the NHS


Why was it set before time?

To represent the arrogance of capitalists like mr birling thinking everything would be alright


What was happening in 1912?

Suffragettes, women campaigning to get the vote, didn’t get it until 1918 until they were 30 and married
Trade unions - working class weren’t happy with how they were treated and organising strikes


Symbolism of Eva smith and John smith

Smith represents the working class
Eva and John are common names, represent how so many people are in that position
Eva similar to eve in the bible, first woman, represents the idea of learning a lesson (eve being tempted into eating the apple)



A term used by Aristotle to describe the moment of recognition when ignorance gives way to knowledge (mrs b when she realises Eric is the father)



The unravelling of a plot’s complications at the end. Unlike an inspector calls


Aristotle’s three dramatic unities

Unity of action- one main plot, no subplots
Unity of place- a play should cover a single physical space, not compressing geography, stage should represent only one place
Unity of time- all in 24 hours or fewer