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Sir Robert Chiltern

“intensely admired by the few, and deeply respected by the many”

“No one should be entirely judged by their past”

“It is not the perfect, but the imperfect, who have need of love”

“She stands apart as good women do - pitiless in her perfection – cold and stern and without mercy”

"Gertrude, truth is a very complex thing"


Lady Chiltern

“One’s past is what one is”

“[Public and private life] should both represent man at his highest”

“Circumstances should never alter principles!”

“I feel tonight I have saved you from something that might have been a danger to you”

“We have both been punished. I set him up too high”

“You can forget. Men easily forget. And I forgive. That is how women help the world. I see that now”


Lord Goring

"the first well-dressed philosopher in the history of thought"

“Life is never fair, Robert. And perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not”

“Nobody is incapable of doing a foolish thing. Nobody is incapable of doing a wrong thing”

“Women are not meant to judge us, but to forgive us when we need forgiveness. Pardon, not punishment, is their mission”

“So do I, father. Everybody one meets is a paradox nowadays. It is a great bore. It makes society so obvious”


Mrs Cheveley

“She is a heliotrope, with diamonds”

“Even you are not rich enough, Sir Robert, to buy back your past. No man is”

“This is the game of life as we all have to play it, Sir Robert, sooner or later”

“Nowadays, with our modern mania for morality, everyone has to pose as a paragon of purity, incorruptibility, and all the other seven deadly virtues”

“Sooner or later we all have to pay for what we do”

“I have not yet finished with you, with either of you”


Mabel Chiltern

“a perfect example of the English type of prettiness”

“[London Society] is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics”

“Lord Goring, you are always ordering me out of them room. I think it most courageous of you”

“An ideal husband! Oh, I don't think I should like that. It sounds like something in the next world…He can be what he chooses. All I want is to be…to be…oh! A real wife to him”


Lord Caversham

“Oh, damn sympathy. There is a great deal too much of that sort of thing going on nowadays”

“He is heartless, very heartless”