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Define communism

An economic theory where collective ownership of property makes a classless and equal society.
Seen as the antithesis of the US and democracy


What was the Truman Doctrine about?

Preventing the spread of communism across the world, and helping other countries wanting to fight communism


The US and the USSR had an ____ ____ to gain military superiority

Arms race


What word is used to describe two sides pushing each other to the limits and escalating a dangerous situation in the hope of pressuring opponents to give up?



Where was Checkpoint Charlie?

A crossing point between the split West and East Berlin when the Berlin Wall split the city


Describe the difference between a hot war and a cold war

A hot war contains actual violence and death
A cold war is just a very serious rivalry where no actual violence takes place


What does containment mean?

The US trying to contain communism by preventing it spreading to other countries


Why did Americans fear the Domino Theory?

The domino theory suggested that if neighbouring countries to the USSR fell to communism, it would eventually spread across the world - like domino's - and cause America to be outnumbered


What does detente mean?

The relaxing of tension between the superpowers


Describe these two policies, who introduced them and when
a) Glasnost
b) Perestroika

Both of these policies were created by Mikhail Gorbachev
a) Literally translating to "openness", this reduced censorship significantly in the later 1980's
b) Literally translating to "restructuring", this allowed private ownership again by decentralising the Soviet economy to improve it in 1987
These are both more capitalist tactics to help the country, proving that Gorbachev put his countries beliefs before his political beliefs


The Hotline or 'red telephone' was a direct line of communication between who? And what year was this established?
a) The White House - US & 10 Downing Street - UK
b) The White House - US & The Kremlin - USSR
c) National Assembly of People's Power - Cuba & The White House - US
d) 10 Downing Street - UK & The Kremlin - USSR
e) National Assembly of People's Power - Cuba & The Kremlin - USSR

b) The White House - US & the Kremlin - USSR


Define ICBM

InterContinental Ballistic Missiles - they were missiles that could carry nuclear bombs thousands of miles


Fill the gaps:
_______ _________ described in a speech to describe the growing ______ between Western and Eastern _______ (or ______-influenced states) by using the phrase "____ _______"

Winston Churchill
Iron Curtain


What did the Limited Test Ban Treaty state?

When signed in August 5th 1963, this worldwide agreement prohibited nuclear weapons from being tested in the atmosphere, space or underwater


The missile gap worked which way round?
a) US > USSR
b) US < USSR

b) US < USSR


MAD stood for...

Mutually Assured Destruction (or...)
Everyone Will Die
This became the ultimate deterrent against a nuclear war


What was SALT?

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks were negotiations between the US and USSR to limit the amount of new nuclear missiles.
First negotiations extended 1969 - 1972, each side agreed to keep strategic ballistic missile launchers at current numbers and provided for the increase in submarine-launched ballistic missiles
Second negotiations 1972 - 1979, each side provided a broad range of limitations on offensive nuclear weapons


When did the Space Race begin and why?

In 1957 when the Soviet Union successfully launched their first satellite - Sputnik


Star Wars was a nickname given to what plan?

Reagan's plan to build a space system capable o destroying incoming nuclear missiles. Introduced March 23rd 1983 with the official title SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative


Name some famous works of literature from these time perids -
a) 1950s
b) 1960s
c) 1970s

a) Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, 1984 by George Orwell (famous in 1950s) - distopian futures with morals for today's society
b) The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan - equality issues


What was music like in these years?
a) 1950s
b) 1960s
c) 1970s
d) 1980s

a) Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley - different to parents
b) British bands - Beatlemania & Rolling Stones
Protest songs - Bob Dylan - enact change
c) Disco & rock - The Jacksons
d) Rock & techno & rock and roll - Led Zepplin


When was the Wall Street Crash?

October 1929


Talk about how the Wall Street Crash affected
a) The countryside
b) The urban areas

a) Farmers unable to sell produce to people, as they were in poverty. Farmers then became poor.
ALSO, there was a dust bowl that occurred during the early 1930's. This made crops difficult to grow, so farmers not only couldn't sell, but they also had little to sell
b) Factories closed causing unemployment


How many hobos were there roughly in 1932?

2 million


What estimated amount of the population were recieving no income in 1932?



During the Wall Street Crash, schools closed because...

Teachers were unable to be paid


1929 - 1933
Republican or Democrat?

President Herbert Hoover


What were those fancy words (one looks spelt wrong, the other sounds normal) that President Hoover believed in as part of his political beliefs?

Laissez-faire - this means that by not getting involved with the issue, it will sort itself out
Rugged individualism - that every individual is self-reliant


What were Hoover Blankets?

Newspapers used as blankets. This was done in spite of Hoover and his lack of action


Which of these items were used to build houses?
a) rocks
b) tin
c) cardboard
d) wood
e) bricks

All of them - anything that people could use