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Parent Education

What are the advantages of learning in a group?

- Ability to become an active learner, rather than passive.
- Requires the establishment of an environment of support and trust and fosters cooperative and nurtured learning.
- Enhances social skills and student learning.


Explain: Calm Birth

Calm birth is a childbirth education program to assist couples in understanding birth and coping with fears and anxiety during pregnancy and labour.


What types of antenatal education are available for women today?

Multiple types of education:
- group education/ centered education
- classes in hospitals
- classes specialising in certain pain reliefs/coping mechanisms eg. hypnobirthing
- gender specific antenatal classes eg. mens (nuts and bolts class)
- refresh classes


How has parenting/antenatal education changed over the last 20-30 years?

Self teaching: everyone now has access to various websites (blogs, youtube) and are learning on their own at their own time.

Classes have changed from larger groups of people all listening to a doctor speaking to smaller, more interactive groups which encourage expecting parents to participate and share their stories


Explain: Lamaze

Lamaze is a company that specialises in prenatal and postnatal education.
- They offer classes both online and in person, online videos, weekly information through email, and an app offering information as well.
- Their information is evidence based and adapted from WHO


List the Risks and Benefits of Induction for a woman 41+ weeks gestation

- In pregnancy beyond 41+0 weeks, induction of labour has been shown to reduce perinatal mortality rate

- Induction of labour may lead to further interventions that can include emergency caesarean section and assisted vaginal delivery22,27
- Opportunity for bonding achieved through skin-to-skin contact may be reduced if interventions such as emergency caesarean section are required 21
- Postpartum haemorrhage
- The induction of labour process may be delayed depending on clinical activity and available resources.


What are the 4 types of learning styles



Explain: Hypnobirthing

Self hypnoses taught for relaxation and stress release
- An emphasis on positive language and thought
- Prenatal bonding
- And the theory that breathing emphasises the bodies cues during labour


What are the advantages and disadvantages of group antenatal education?

Advantages: Interaction, mutual support, values clarification, socialisation, sharing experiences, motivation.

Disadvantage: of antenatal groups may be that people who are not outspoken can miss out and may not engage. Groups may be intimidating to minority groups such as CALD, teenagers and people with disabilities.


What are the four components of assessment during a vaginal examination?

1. The Cervix- position of cervical os, consistency, effacement, dilation
2. Fetal Presenting Part- fetal position, degree of rotation, moulding, decent
3. State of the Amnion- intact/not intact, application to fetal presenting part, degree of bulging under pressure
4. State of Mother- any obvious contraction of the maternal pelvis


Who spoke about swimming over waves/surges of labour contractions

Sheila Kitzinger


Define: Post term

42+ weeks- a pregnancy that has continued beyond term


Define: Post dates

40-42 weeks- Pregnancy that has continued over the decided due date


What were some of Grant Dick Reeds theories on labour and birth

- Fear/tension pain cycle
- Controlled deep abdominal breathing
- Breath holding for 2nd stage
- Relaxation with eyes closed


What are the 2 main Lamaze techniques

- Breathing techniques
- Deep chest breathing


Define: CAPEA

Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia