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BARS Alarms are received how ?

6.1.1 BARS alarms are received directly from street boxes at borough communications
offices and are transmitted to units in quarters over the teleprinter, voice alarm, or
telephone if necessary, and to units in the field by radio or MDT.


On the first alarm, companies, chiefs, and special units shall respond to BARS
alarms as directed by the dispatcher in accordance with dispatch policy.
A minimum of ??

CONFLICT: Question: Who responds in Emergency mode ?

One Engine Company and one Ladder Company shall be dispatched. A Battalion Chief,
IF AVAILABLE shall also be dispatched.
Sec 6.1.2

Response to BARS alarms will be a single unit response – 1st due engine only
(emergency mode).
ABC 2 2011 Sec 2.2


A BARS alarm, received in conjunction with an ERS or telephone report of an
incident requiring a structural response, will result in the dispatch of ?

Three Engines, two Ladders and a Battalion Chief
Sec 6.1.3


EXAMPLE: Box 2187 has been transmitted, and only one Engine and one Ladder
assigned on the first alarm are in service to respond However, if Fire Department units are already on the scene and a second source is
received, the dispatcher will notify the responding Battalion Chief and attempt to
contact a unit on the scene. When will this box be filled out ?

The box will not be filled out by the dispatcher
unless requested to do so by the responding Battalion Chief or the on-scene
Incident Commander.
Sec 6.2.3


How are ERS alarms received ?

6.2.1 ERS alarms are received directly by FDNY Dispatchers


If there is no contact with the caller on an ERS box between __________
there is no response.
If there is no contact between _________ one
Engine is required to respond.

0800 and 2300 hours

2300 and 0800 hours,

Sec 6.2.4


A 2nd Marine Company shall be assigned by the dispatcher for the incident types
indicated in Section A below, when either of the following occur:
 Multiple calls received by the dispatcher, and a Marine Company is either
already assigned because of the box location, or is required as part of the
Response Matrix.
 Confirmation by an FDNY unit on scene.
A. Incident types requiring the response of a 2nd Marine Company:

 Fire
 Person in water
 Jumper from bridge/shore
 Vessel in distress
 Medical
 Dive operation
Sec 6.3.3


Responses to ERS and telephone alarms are in accordance with dispatch policy.
However What is the min and what is the max of units dispatched ?
Chief shall be dispatched to any alarm received from a single source (ERS or
telephone) reporting an incident requiring a structural response

A minimum of 3 Engine Companies, 1 Ladder Company, and a Battalion Chief

A maximum of 3 Engines, 2 Ladders, and a Battalion Chief

Sec 6.2.2


6.4.2 "FALLBACK" Definitions
FALLBACK consists of three Steps:
What are they ?

A. Step 1:
Discontinues single Engine response to NO-Contact ERS boxes
between 2300 and 0800 hours.

B. Step 2: Requires the dispatch of one Engine Company to all electromechanical boxes.

C. Step 3: Requires the dispatch of 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, and a Battalion Chief to all reported incidents requiring a structural response

Step 3 includes steps 1 and 2

Sec 6.4.2


All Boroughs are in Fallback Step 1 on a daily basis from 0800-2300
Agree or Disagree

Sec 6.4.3


The VERBAL button on the PC/ATS should be used only if the alarm is
within how many blocks ?

with in two blocks of a unit's quarters in any direction. If the alarm is more
than two blocks away, the unit should respond and give information and
location via radio.
Sec 6.5.1


A No Contact ERS box is received at 3 Am. Who responds and in what mode ?

One ENGINE in 10-20 mode!
Sec 6.2.4
ABC-2-2011 Sec 2.1
Com 6 Sec 6.4.2


B. Responding units should be especially alert to the need for transmission of
signal 10-80 in the following circumstances:

1. Transportation accidents
2. Industrial accidents
3. Leaks, spills or suspicious odors
4. Medical emergencies involving chemical inhalation
5. Explosions
6. Structural collapses
Sec 6.7.10


6.9.1 Ladder Companies with 4 Firefighter Staffing
When will An additional Ladder Company (above the Fast Truck) be assigned to a
10-75 ??

When BOTH of the two initially assigned Ladder Companies report
responding with 4 firefighters


Understaffed Units
 When notified that a company is responding understaffed (less than four
firefighters), the dispatcher shall special call another unit (Engine for Engine,
Ladder for Ladder, etc.) to respond in addition to the understaffed unit.
Note: Under this response policy, the total First Alarm response shall not
exceed a total response of ??

4) Engine Companies and (4) Ladder Companies
Sec 6.9.2