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Which of a, b, c and d provides the most correct answer to the following question? What services are available, in normal circumstances, to VFR flights within the Open FIR (Class G Airspace)?

A Flight Information Service and, if the pilot has filed a Flight Plan, or if an ATSU is otherwise aware of the flight, an Alerting Service.


A Control Area ( CTA ) established at the confluence of ATS routes in the vicinity of one or more major aerodromes is known as:

A Terminal Control Area (TMA)


What colour are Air Information Circulars relating to matters of special importance to air safety?



Where would a pilot find details of differences between ICAO standards and recommended practices and procedures, on the one hand, and UK regulations, on the other?

The UK AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication, often referred to as the Air Pilot).


Which UK document publishes details of ICAO procedures and any UK differences from ICAO standards?

The UK Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), otherwise known as the ‘Air Pilot’.


How often are Aeronautical Information Circulars published?



What SSR squawk should be set in an emergency?



In the United Kingdom, a private pilot may expect to receive a Radio Information Service from a LARS controller only:

While remaining within radar range of the radar transmitter/receiver.


TIZ extendts to?

If the main runway is less than 1850 m the Aerodrome Traffic Zone extends to 2000 ft above the aerodrome and encompasses an area, centred on the main runway, whose radius in 2 nms provided that the zone extends beyond 1.5 nms from the end of the runway.


What service is provided in the United Kingdom by a Flight Information Service?

Information and warnings about meteorological conditions, changes of serviceability in navigational and approach aids, conditions of aerodrome facilities, and other safety information.