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For a flight arriving in the UK at a non-customs aerodrome, which of the following does not need to be notified in advance to the local customs contact point?

Amount of fuel on board the aircraft.


In order to carry out a private flight from the UK to Europe, the pilot in command must ensure that he carries the following documents in addition to the aircraft's Radio Installation Licence, the Certificate of Airworthiness and his pilot’s licence:

A copy of the interception signals & procedures and the Certificate of Registration of the aircraft.


The definition “flying machine” may refer to:

Any heavier-than-air power-driven aircraft.


Which of the following documents is not required to be carried in an aircraft of an ICAO member state?

Flight crew birth certificates.


A PPL holder is not permitted to:

Carry fare-paying passengers.


The Freedoms of the Air permit transit of the airspace of contracting States by:

both scheduled and non-scheduled commercial flights.


Which of the following groups correctly identifies items not normally subject to customs and excise duty when the aircraft of one ICAO contracting state lands in another contracting state?

Fuel, lubricants, oils, spare parts (technical consumables) and standard equipment remaining on board the aircraft.


The Rules of the Air applicable to an aircraft registered in one state flying over another state shall be:

Those of the state whose airspace is entered and transited.


Which classes of medical certificate meet the requirement for a JAA PPL (A)?

Class 1 or 2.


What was the outcome of the Chicago Convention?

The Convention on International Civil Aviation.