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What does 602.73 Requirement to file a Flight Plan or Flight Itinerary state about IFR and VFR flights?

All IFR are required to file (with some exceptions)

All VFR aircraft or required to file a flight planoritinerary when beyond 25 NMs from the departure point

All VFR and IFR are required to file a flight plan, in any case, for a trans-boarder flight(in or outside 25 NMs)


What do you do if you decide to change your destination, route, or duration mid flight?

Flight plan - get clearance from ATC in controlled airspace

Flight iterinary - inform ATC, FSS or CARS (or responsible person) ASAP in controlled or uncontrolled airspace.


How long do VFR aircraft have to close their flight plan and flight itinerary?

Flight plan - 1 hour

Flight itinerary - 24 hours


Do IFR aircraft have to close when landing at a destination with an ATC or FSS?

No, unless requested


What are the regulations regarding carry on baggage?

Must be stowed in a bin, compartment, rack or other location that is certified in accordance with the aircraft type and restrained to prevent them from shifting during movement of the aircraft


How much of a fuel reserve should VFR aircraft have?

Day flights - to destination + a 30 minute reserve

Night flights - to destination + a 45 minute reserve


What must passengers be briefed on before take-off, according to 602.89?

Emergency and normal exits

Safety belts, shoulder harnesses and restraint devices

The positioning of seats and the securing of seat backsand chair tables

The stowage of carry-on baggage

Any prohibition against smoking

Life preservers, individual flotation devices or personal flotation devices

First aid kits and survival equipment


Life raft


As stated in 602.96, before operating an aircraft at an aerodrome, what must the pilot be sure of?

No potential of collision with another aircraft or vehicle

Aerodrome is suitable for the intended operation


Unless otherwise directed, which direction should aircraft turn while in the aerorome traffic circuit?



How should an aircraft land and takeoff relative to the wind?

Into the wind


What are two exceptions to not being able to fly less than 2000' AGL over an aerodrome?

For the purpose of landing/takeoff

Unless directed/authorized by ATC


Describe MF reporting procedures


What should an aircraft operating within a MF area be equipped with? What should the PIC be doing?

Must be equipped with proper radio communication equipment

PIC should maintain a listening watch at the specified frequency


The PIC of a NORDO VFR aircraft may operate to/from an U/C aerodrome within a MF area if:

ground station is in operation at the A/D

Prior noticegiven to ground station of intention to operate at A/D

When conducting T/O, PIC confirms visuallly that no danger of collision with other traffic exists

when approaching to land, the A/C enters the A/D traffic circuit so as to complete two sides of the circuit before turning onto final approach



Describe how a NORDO aircraft can enter a MF area


Why is it is essential that you’re aware of other traffic and exchange information when approaching (or departing) an uncontrolled aerodrome?

Some aircraft may not have communicatons capability


How can information be exchanged with an FSS, CARS, UNICOM, or vehicle operators?

By directed transmissions or with other aircraft by broadcast transmissions


What is ATF? What is it normally designated for?

Aerodrome Traffic Frequency - all radio equipped aircraft in area are on the same frequency

Normally designated for active uncontrolled aerodromes that do not meet MF criteria


Describe reporting in an ATF area


Describe the size of an zone designated as MF or ATF

Circle with a 5NM radius capped at 3000 feet AAE


At what altitude should you cross over an aerodrome prior to joining the circuit?

at least 500 feet above ciruit altitude


What should you report when flying continious circuits? When can you initiate the turn?

You can initiate the turn at 500’ after take-off

Report entering downwind

Report established on final

Report clear of the active runway after the final landing.


In MF/ATF zones, what should you report when taxiing on maneuvering areas?

Report intentions and maintain a listening watch prior to entering the manoeuvring area


In non MF/ATF aerodromes, at what frequency should position reporting be made?



At non-MF aerodromes (or when MF procedures are not invoked), what should you be on the lookout for?

NORDO traffic may also be established in or be entering the circuit without other traffic or the ground station being aware

If the aerodrome is equipped with an IFR approach, IFR arrivals may also be landing via straight-in or circling procedures


Describe the VFR weather minima as outlined in 602.114


605.03 Flight Authority (C of A) states that no person shall operate an aircraft in flight unless:

The C of A is in effect

The aircraft is operated in accordance with the conditions set out in C of A

The C of A is carried on boardthe aircraft


What does 605.04 Availability of Aircraft Flight Manual state?

The A/C flight manual must be on board and availableto the flight crew members at their duty stations


What does 605.08 Unserviceable and Removed Equipment - General state about taking off in an aircraft with unservicable equipment?

No person shall conduct a take-off in an aircraft that has equipment that is not serviceable or from which equipment has been removed if, in the opinion of the pilot-in-command, aviation safety is affected


What equipment must power-driven aircraft for the purpose of DVFR flight have?

Altimeter, airspeed indicator, magnetic compass, tachometer, oil pressure indicator, oil temperature indicator, fuel quantity gauge, 2-way radio communication system

manifold pressure gauge, coolant temperature indicator, landing gear indicator, radio navigation equipment